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The New Sober Bar Scene

Getting sober and clean is not easy. Young people are constantly reminded via social media that people their age should be out partying every weekend. Often times, young people early in recovery begin drinking again because they simply do not want to miss out on the party. The repetition of sitting at home sober on a Friday night with mom and dad becomes a chore. Thanks to cities like New York City and London, young people in recovery have a new way to experience young adult life in recovery. Meet the sober bar!

Those who are interested in a night out on the town without the temptation of alcohol can stop by the numerous sober bars around the city. At these establishments, the menu typically consists of exotic fruit drinks and seltzer waters.

Now if you were a regular at the bar or club on weekends, the sober bar may seem like an incredibly foreign concept. However, owners of sober bars are finding that even drinkers are stopping by to check out the action. The bars are promoting themselves as an “alternative night out” and all are welcome. Weekend drinkers find themselves stopping by sober bars before heading down the street to drink.

A sober bar encapsulates all of the elements of a normal bar, but simply without the alcohol! Patrons can dance, socialize, and relax without any sort of temptation. Many have been quoted as saying they prefer the sober bar scene because people “have their wits about them” and “can actually hold a conversation” and have a good time.

Young people who struggle to have fun in recovery may have found their big break. Instead of the monotonous movie or dinner night, young alcoholics/addicts can dance the night away, just like they did before, and continue to live a life of recovery.

Know of any good sober bars around? Shoot us an email and let us know! As always, if you or a loved one is struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out by CLICKING HERE.