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More News Regarding Fentanyl

As we continue to cover the opioid epidemic, law enforcement officials and the general public achieved a huge victory last week in Florida. In Brevard County, police issued arrest warrants for over 100 individuals and successfully incarcerated key kingpins in one of the largest drug busts in Florida history. The big score in this bust: a record amount of Fentanyl.

In the suspects’ custody, police found methamphetamine, heroin, and Fentanyl. If you are unfamiliar with the new danger of Fentanyl, the drug has recently been in the news for its role in hundreds of overdose deaths around the US. Fentanyl, over 100 times more potent than morphine, can be fatal with as much as 0.25 milligrams of the substance.

In a jaw-dropping investigation, authorities found that the confiscated drugs were “enough to kill every single resident in Brevard County.” The county currently has around six hundred thousand residents.

This bust is coming off the heels of a seizure of over 250 pounds of Fentanyl near the US-Mexico border in January.

As more street drugs are found to be laced with Fentanyl, this was a huge win for the good guys. However, the drug continues to be trafficked into the US and dispersed throughout the population.

Why is all of this important? Opioids are not what they used to be. These days, many young addicts do not know exactly what they are getting off the streets. Heroin, cocaine, and in few instances marijuana, have been found with traces of Fentanyl. So now, not only are our young people falling deeper into addiction with opioids, they are quite literally playing Russian Roulette with a silent killer. Unfortunately, those who use the drug do not know until it is too late.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, or you fear for their safety regarding Fentanyl, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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