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Truly Structured Sober Living

What we are:

Surfside Structured Sober Living was created due to a lack of services being provided to young recovering addicts and alcoholics.  Young people afflicted with addiction often fail to learn the appropriate life skills necessary for a successful life.  These individuals are emotionally disabled and lack the ability to navigate the real world.

Surfside Structured Sober Living provides a truly safe and structured sober living environment for these men as they move from addiction treatment through recovery into a new life. We are rooted in the 12 steps and use an array of tools and activities to help young men rebuild, rediscover and recover.

Why we do what we do:

These young men often enter a unstructured sober living house with little to no supervision after they complete treatment. The parents pay the rent, food and all other bills, eager to give any assistance that might “save” the addict in their lives.  When “Johnny” tells Mom he can’t find a job, he fails to mention that being totally unsupervised gives him the opportunity to play video games for hours, never leaving the house to search for a job.  Not to mention that Johnny has probably never had real employment and if he did, he does not have a current resume and list of references.  “Johnny” might attend some meetings as a house requirement, but does not enjoy them, nor does he build a network beyond the men in his house.  Mom and Dad continue to send money as he relaxes on his new sober vacation.  The money goes quickly because he does not know how to properly budget or cook for himself.  More money is sent to him.  Over time, the obsession to use creeps into his mind.  He eventually relapses and goes back to rehab, convinced that this time will be the last time.  This cycle continues almost endlessly.

Sometimes, the family brings “Johnny” home, hopeful that their loving and watchful eye will keep him clean.  He lays around the house doing the bare minimum.  There are consistent arguments in the home.  The family stays broken and no one gets well.  Unfortunately, he starts to think that he can do “it” one more time.  This starts the cycle again.

We frequently see these young men shipped to states a long distance from home, usually to programs boasting that this change in environment will ensure recovery.  The families cannot visit the program due to distance and time restrictions, nor are they able to see what is truly happening with their son.

The other thing we see is that the families send their loved one to a “free sober living” that is “insurance based”. This is an illegal practice used to entice families because they have a good out-of-network benefit. If they are willing to cut corners here, what else are they willing to cut corners on? Once the insurance benefit is used up they are out and end up into a un-structured sober house where they eventually use and fall back into the same cycle.

The Solution:

Surfside Structured Sober Living in New Jersey provides an atmosphere for recovery that is monitored and enables the resident to become productive and accountable to the world around him. Residents will work their way through the 12 step process as they do volunteer work, build resumes, learn to budget, eat healthy and participate in the local community support groups; on top of all this they get the opportunity to participate in activities on a weekly basis.

Although there is a lot to rebuild, the residents will also learn to bond with their community and family. Residents of Surfside Structured Sober Living will be exposed to daily adventure-based activities with their housemates. This structured sober living encourages men to take responsibility for their own recovery and tap into new, exciting hobbies. When we combine these factors with a structured, supportive home that’s filled with people who genuinely care and hold each other accountable, it becomes a catalyst for lasting change.