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Life in early recovery often hands us unpredictable challenges, but a well-managed structured sober living home can assist people in early recovery as they learn to navigate a life without drugs or alcohol.  In active addiction, life revolves solely around selfish motives and feeding the addiction. When we enter recovery, we quickly recognize that our actions, behaviors and patterns had an incredible impact on the people around us.  Facing new emotions without using substances, coupled with the challenges of getting back on our feet, can be a terrifying journey and often people give up and quit trying.

Getting back to life: Structured Sober living in NJ

Structured Sober Living provides encouargement to keep going

Structured Sober Living provides encouragement

Fortunately, structured sober living in NJ can provide a combination of support, adventure, and personal growth. Families of the addict know that keeping a watchful eye on them or presenting an ultimatum is a temporary solution to deep-rooted, complex problem. In a structured sober living home, addicts are immersed in close-knit community that emphasizes personal growth and change.

Surfside Structured Sober Living prides itself on a well-qualified staff who are deeply passionate about combining health, spirituality, adventure and 12-step recovery.  Recovering addicts in the structured sober living home gain confidence, self-esteem and strong relationships as they step outside of their comfort zone and try new activities.  If you or a loved one would benefit from a structured sober living home that helps young men transition from treatment to the real world, please contact Surfside Structured Sober living at 609-709-4205.