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NJ Sober Living offers stability while getting back into life.

The staff at Surfside Structured Sober Living sets itself apart from other NJ sober living homes in their dedication to rebuilding the life of the addict AND his family.  We know what the night looks like when families of the addict attempt to fall asleep at night. Cold sweat. Night terrors. A sinking feeling in your stomach. You hear sirens in the distance and wonder if the police are coming for the addict in your life.  Did you hear him enter the front door before you dozed off? You never sleep soundly anymore.  When the phone rings, you wonder if it’s the dreaded call from the hospital, the coroner, or the police station.  Think you’re alone? Families throughout the nation are experiencing the devastation of addiction.

We hear about the necessity of restful sleep, but few families are able to achieve eight hours of sleep each night when their family lives are in chaos.  The lack of sleep bleeds into every aspect of your waking life.  This may have a negative impact on work performance or force you to clash with other members of your family.  When challenges arise relating to the addict in your life, you feel like you can never find the energy to cope.  You just want to curl up and shut the world out, but your racing mind would never stop.  You know that if you could stop your loved one’s substance abuse, you’d be able to finally lay your head on a pillow and sleep at night.

Just as a lack of sleep twists up your daily life and impacts everything you do, the addict transfers the chaos and dad and son in new jerseytrauma of his addiction to those around him. But the beauty of recovery is that as he creates a new, meaningful life, his joy becomes just as contagious as his misery once was.  At Surfside Structured Sober Living, our NJ sober living home is invested in seeing men rebuild their lives so that they can experience true happiness and adventure… and their families can too.  Unlike other sober houses our New Jersey sober living home, offers varying levels of structure with measurable goals to ensure that the addict is invested in his recovery and actively working to improve his life.  Although addiction is tragic and difficult, recovery can bring a true sense of freedom to both the addict and his family. If you or a loved one would benefit from life in our NJ sober living home, please contact Surfside Structured Sober Living at 609.709.4205.