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South Jersey Sober Living Provides an Atmosphere for Growth.

While a south jersey sober living offers a plethora of useful tools for an addict in early recovery, one of the most unique aspects offered by Surfside Structured Sober Living is adventure-based programming.  Most addicts report that as their addiction progressed, their interest in activities they once enjoyed quickly faded.  A person who once lived to play soccer eventually stopped investing the time and energy in pick-up games with friends because it interfered with getting high. Or those of us who hated getting picked last for kickball were too nervous to really try a new activity out of fear we might not be great at it.

As we start to rebuild our lives and create a new, sober path, we begin to rediscover the joy of living.  The places we used to hang out and the people we used to spend time with in active addiction no longer serve a healthy purpose, so it’s critical to discover activities that bring us a sense of excitement, fun, challenge and adventure. Structured South Jersey sober living residences don’t simply suggest that residents stay active in their free time, but instead create unique programming that requires everyone to participate the day’s activities.  This gives recovering addicts the time and opportunity to step outside their comfort zone with a supportive group of staff and peers. Not only are residents able to set and achieve personal goals, but they also begin socializing without the use of drugs or alcohol to mask their emotions.
The “adventure-based programming” aspect of  Surfside structured sober living expands far beyond exercise.  Not every hobby or activity needs to be physically strenuous in order to be healthy and enjoyable.  For example, a gentle group hike allows residents to exert a little extra energy while spending time engaged in conversation with our fellows.  The goal in experimenting with a variety of activities is to find what we love in the process — something that’s impossible to do when masking our feelings with drugs and alcohol.