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When people discover our intensely community-focused and action-based program, we’re met with two responses.  For some, they can’t believe it took so long for them to find us.  For others, it’s really difficult to understand why a person would choose such a rigorously structured program when they could settle for a simple sober living.  And while we fall under the “sober living” umbrella, we’ve structured our Surfside program around accountability and community because we know that without those two critical pieces, many of us are headed straight towards misery.

We don’t mean that people are destined to fail if they lack community.  But we do collect a wealth of data on our current and past sober living residents so that we can hopefully impact the way the treatment industry views our program.  We believe that good data drives good decision making, so it’s important to paint a clear picture of our outcomes for clinicians, families, and clients.  When folks experience multiple treatment episodes, we start to see that the self-knowledge and information learned in treatment isn’t always simple to apply.  Having a daily schedule that demands accountability and embeds our residents in a sober living community can be critical in helping them find meaningful recovery, especially as they transition from the structure of treatment to the freedom of life in recovery.

The community that we’ve built in NJ has deep roots.  When new residents enter our sober living, they are not only surrounded by peers who are taking action to achieve similar goals, but they’re also interacting with alumni who are now thriving, contributing members of our little NJ beach town.  Instead of being told to hit some meetings and get a sponsor (which can be tough depending on your state’s COVID-19 restrictions!), we’re getting to know our residents and identifying a few potential sponsors who could connect well with them.  We’re pointing them towards meetings that we know they’ll enjoy.  And most importantly, we’re encouraging them to participate in meaningful hobbies.

Treatment centers run relapse prevention groups, which frequently discuss the importance of meaningful hobbies and healthy outlets.  But sometimes getting started is the biggest barrier to finding something we enjoy.  Our residents are unique individuals who have vastly different priorities – some are artists and musicians, who find joy in our music studio.  Others are athletes, who want to spend time at Saltwater Athletics, Surfside’s CrossFit affiliate.  Regardless of what excites each person, they’re even more stoked when they meet another resident with a shared passion.  CrossFit becomes more fun when we’re competing with our fellows.  Music sounds different when we can produce it with someone else who brings a different skill set.  These are the hidden gems in a community: we start to find that sharing moments with other people makes them fulfilling and special.  It’s easier to try new things when we aren’t completely depending on motivating ourselves to start. And like we learn repeatedly in treatment, a healthy support system can drastically improve our quality of life.

If the community we’ve built for young adult men in NJ sounds like it could be a fit for someone you love, reach out to us for more information. We’re far more than a simple sober living! 609-709-4205.