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What’s Included in our Extended Care Sober Living Cost?

Case Management – Case management is a coordination of services with local clinical addiction treatment/therapists, doctors and specialists, volunteer opportunities, help with resume building/job search skills/interview skills, budgeting and career/school development.  All services provided weekly to each resident at Surfside. In conjunction with this, included in the sober living cost is weekly communication with the family, usually two calls and two emails for updates but other calls as necessary.

  • Each resident of Surfside Structured Sober Living will leave with a complete cover letter, resume and reference list, as well as a sober living cost bowlingclear understanding of job search skills and practical interview experience. All our residents obtain jobs in Phase 3 and we work intently with them to ensure they succeed in this goal.
  • Our Recovery Specialists will arrange volunteer opportunities within the community; these opportunities will enhance the resident’s resume while building self esteem.
  • We will help families and residents arrange any services needed in the community, such as doctors, specialists or continued addiction treatment services. We will provide transportation to these services if necessary.
  • All residents will work through practical budgeting exercises and have the opportunity hands on time tested financial practice. Graduates will have a prepared budget for independent living upon completion of Phase 3 and it will be monitored through phase 4.
  • If residents desire to go back to school, residents will utilize our personal knowledge base for assistance with applications, admission essays and career choices.


  • Monthly sober living cost covers 3 meals a day and healthy snacks during phases 1-3. The residents plan all their meals, from cook books, and shop weekly as a group.

Weekly Family support/ and Monthly Family Peer Groups

  • All families will have weekly check-in via phone or email with either our Recovery Specialists or Program Director. Families also have the ability to connect with staff as needed including our Executive Director. We want to make ourselves available for everyone, not just the resident. Families will be strongly encouraged to attend monthly family group the first weekend of the month.

House Amenities

  • Surfside Structured Sober Living provides each resident with: toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, new bed linens and pillows, laundry detergent, a longboards and bicycles for exercise/local transport, stand up paddle boards, surfboards, camping equipment, snowshoe equipment, all cooking/kitchen supplies, Netflix and Hulu, high speed internet, fishing equipment, morning coffee and more. Time on the internet/using TV is limited because living life is more important than virtual reality.

Grocery Shopping 

  • Residents will not survive eating frozen pizza, Ramen noodles and Tasty Kakes. Surfside residents will learn how to grocery shop appropriately by looking for sales and buying healthy food/fresh produce based off the weekly recipes, reading labels and working through a budget. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in these classes 3-7x a week.

sober living cost swimmingCooking

  • Learning to cook is a critical part of our program. Some guys who come in already can cook. That being said, all residents will participate in our in cooking for the entire house a few times a week, depending which phase of the program the resident is in. Residents will learn to pick meals from cookbooks and follow instructions. They will learn to cook with the help of others and upon completion of the program will be able to cook a two course meal for up to 12 people.


  • Transportation is covered in the sober living cost for all residents during activities and appointments. When residents have appointments, we will ensure the residents have an appropriate means of transportation to reach said services. Many local specialists, including addiction therapists, psychiatrists and intensive outpatient services are within walking distance.

Longboards, Bikes and Other Equipment 

  • What’s a life at the beach without a beach cruiser? Our home has multiple bikes with bike locks for the residents to use during the day. The guys also use these to build a sense of independence for some of their appointments, getting to meetings and other transpiration needs. All residents in Phase 1-4 have access to these; many of the jobs the guys get in Phase 3 and 4 are in bicycle distance.
  • Surfside Structured Sober Living provides longboards to our residents. We can use these to get to meetings, the beach and just for fun.

Monthly Movies

  • All residents will have the opportunity to attend the movies twice per month.


  • Part of the Surfside sober living cost for each resident includes a tremendous amount of actives. Our guys will participate in an array of team building and family-oriented activities including: hiking, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, longboarding, fishing, cooking, grocery shopping, golf, yoga, community service, group meetings and community service.
  • Specific to exercise our guys get to go to Crossfit each week, Muay Thai and the gym.

Support groups

  • All residents will participate in daily peer support groups in and out of the house. All the groups at the house and in the community sober living cost house residentsare 12-step based.


  • Each resident will be held accountable for their actions and life choices. Our system is based not only accountability to staff, but accountability to parents and peers. Our residents will learn responsibility through daily chores and skill-building activities.

Drug tests

  • All residents will be required to take random drug tests. These tests will not be submitted to insurance, as they are included in rent.

Gym Membership

  • Each resident will have a gym membership through the Phase 4. Click HERE to see the gym we use.

Weekly Yoga

  • Surfside Structured Sober living will provide weekly yoga included in our sober living cost, either in-house or at the local studio if there is interest from our residents..

Beach Pass (seasonal)

  • Beach passes are required from June through September. Each resident will have a beach pass with full access.

Surf Lessons (seasonal)

  • We believe that the surfing lifestyle is extremely conducive to recovery. Life’s challenges are like the change in tide and ocean break. All residents that have a desire to learn will get surf lessons. Surfboards will be provided to residents from the house. Local surf lessons take place from May through October.
  • Once residents understand the basics of surfing they will be able to use the house surfboards and SUPs. Our surf season is from March through November with a few choice winter days!

Hiking Day Trips

  • Monthly hiking trips will be included in resident’s rent. These happen all over North Jersey, Pennsylvania and we have even gone into Maryland and Virginia.

Monthly Camping trips (4-8 times a year)

  • Surfside residents will participate in multiple overnight, multi-day and week-long camping trips. All equipment will be provided to the residents with no additional cost. We have gone to North Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire and all around New York.

Aftercare groups

  • All residents that graduate our program can come back to any house meeting and group as needed. Graduates will also have the opportunity to complete service work after their stay. In addition to these things, our staff continue to mentor residents as the residents desires, long after they complete our program.

Potential Additional Costs

  • The sober living cost covers a cold breakfast (cereal, fruit, oatmeal, english muffins), lunch, dinner and healthy snacks each day. On the weekends the residents do cook hot breakfasts including pancakes, waffles, eggs and breakfast meats. Potential accommodations to food allergies may need additional help. This is very rare.
  • All required doctor appointments and addiction treatment services will be an additional cost (we will not cover the co-pay, etc.). We will help to find local providers that accept insurance. If residents do not have insurance we will help them to qualify for state insurance.
  • Prescription medications will not be included in the cost. However, we do cover basic over the counter medications.