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Sober College

Residents of Surfside Structured Sober Living have the opportunity to start back in school from day one, if appropriate. Many of our residents, during their stay, apply for continuing education and prepare for a sober college experience. Initially, residents can begin taking online classes and will have a 3-hour block to study each day.

Our recovery coaches can assist in college applications and helping our residents consider which school may be appropriate for them. The two immediate local opportunities are Richard Stockton University and Atlantic Cape Community College. Residents who plan to re-locate a bit more permanently to our community would have a short commute to schools in Philly and others headed north on the Garden State Parkway.

About 50% of our residents come to us with some college experience and integrating back to school becomes an important goal. It is our belief that residents must lay a solid foundation in recovery first, by building that network and moving through the 12-step process, prior to being successful with a sober college experience. However, with the proper stones in place, completing school in recovery is possible.