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What is a Recovery House?

The terms “Recovery House,” “Sober Living” or “Sober House” are often used interchangeably, and while there can be a number of variations in the way the houses operate, they are undoubtedly a useful tool in early recovery.  ForRecovery House many folks in early recovery, the 28-day stay in a treatment center is useful, but a far cry from adequate treatment.  It can provoke a lot of anxiety when we think about returning to old stomping grounds, surrounded by our partners in crime, drinking buddies or even friends who just don’t understand the work that recovery entails (like complete abstinence!).  Often the length of treatment is not dependent on a person’s need for clinical services, but instead based on what insurance will cover.  After a brief separation from drugs and alcohol, the addict is faced with a tough decision: Do I go home, or do I move into a recovery house while I get on my feet?

A recovery house provides people in early sobriety with a safe place to live, surrounded by people who are at a similar place in their recovery — usually the first few months of sobriety.  Many of the people living in the recovery house share a common vision: utilizing this safe living space while they get on their feet and become employable, self-supporting and a strong member of their sober community.  But an unstructured recovery house can have major challenges, particularly because we are surrounded by others in early recovery who have similar battles and limited solutions.  Often people living in recovery houses attend 12 step meetings together, depending on one another for guidance rather than people with time-tested recovery. Which leads us to an excellent question: Is a structured sober living the same as a recovery house? In one word: No.

A structured sober living is a form of recovery house, but it provides the one thing that most recovery houses lack: structure.  There is limited down time, which minimizes boredom.  Residents are not “encouraged” to participate — it’s a requirement.  The structured sober living appreciates the useful qualities of a recovery house, but also provides residents with an immense number of tools for successful clean living. Surfside Structured Sober Living in Ventnor City, NJ utilizes a well-trained staff who are passionate about recovery.  The facility is owned by a Nationally Certified Addiction Specialist and Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor; while they do not provide any clinical services, a comprehensive program of activities is mandatory for all residents.  Using up-to-date research on the benefits of adventure-based programming, implementing a measurable life skills improvement program, family program, a balanced diet and 12 step recovery, residents are rebuilding all aspects of their life, rather than “just not using.”

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