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Utilizing SAMHSA’s 8 Dimensions  of Wellness in the Surfside Structured Sober Living Recovery House 3-Phase Life Development Programrecovery house wellness pic

At Surfside Structured Sober Living, we understand that addiction walks hand-in-hand with destruction of physical and mental health, financial stability, personal relationships, moral principles and our community.  Whether a person in active addiction stole a wallet or his mother’s peace of mind, much of the external damage also causes deep internal chaos.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) stresses the importance of wellness, noting that mental and physical health are intimately linked.  Wellness, defined as “being in good mental and physical health,” does not mean that illness, stress or life challenges are eliminated, but it is a confident stride in the right direction regardless of one’s current circumstances. Applying these ideas and principles into a recovery house will change the lives of the residents and enable them to live happy productive lives.

SAMHSA uses a graphic called “Eight Dimensions of Wellness” to highlight how intricately connected each aspect of our life is.  Surfside Structured Sober Living used this tool in creating our 3-Phase Life Development Program, complete with measurable goals each step of the way.  Our adventure-based activities were developed as research revealed that physically active people with hobbies show improvement in recovery.  When we begin to see our bodies as a powerful, incredible home to our spirit, we can experience an immense amount of joy.  There is nothing more exciting than watching a person, living in a recovery house, who once had low self-esteem and the “I can’t do it” mantra transform into a person who tries new activities and is amazed by his strength and endurance. Our residents are amazed when trying some of our activates for the first time like learning to paddle board, when they go camping, accomplish something new in the gym or the little things like just riding a bike on the boardwalk.

The life development program at Surfside Structured Sober Living includes 12 step immersion, guiding men as they work through the steps with another person in recovery.  But our multi-phase program doesn’t end there.  We also utilize methods from a budget course to help men become financially responsible, organize a plan to clear up financial wreckage and create a realistic budget and future goals.  Not only do men leave the house with an updated resume and cover letter, but they also have mock interviews to hone their professional skills and prepare them for employment. For gentlemen interested in pursuing an education, we assist them with applications and personal statements. Community service and different community based projects are required of all residents and give these young men the opportunity to be an example to the people around us.

One of the definitions of recovery is “the action of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost.”  We are acutely aware that for families, addiction steals happiness, peace of mind, a good night’s sleep, and the ability to forgive.  Our recovery house life development program incorporates the family into the healing process.  By fostering our residents’ independence, families will participate in recovery without enabling bad behavior in the process.  Above all, we believe that the joy is in the journey and know that the men who complete Surfside’s program will find wellness and peace as they rebuild, rediscover and recover.

Structured sober living programs and solid recovery houses change lives of the resident and the family. The benefits from integrating the skills learned in addiction treatment during those first 6 months after rehab will be the catalyst for a lasting change. Be careful when selecting the sober house for your loved one; not all of them are the same.

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