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The Surfside Structured Sober Living Life Development Program

Surfside Structured Sober Living utilizes an action driven phase program. This phased program is broken into 3 parts that have measurable goals to be completed by the resident before he can move into the next phase. Our life development program provides structure, accountability and a tangible way for residents and family to monitor the progress being made.


  • Rebuild: Phase 1 – This phase is about becoming a sober man. More is involved than “just not using”. This phase is designed to teach a young man how to build character, seek guidance and ask for help.
    • Residents will gather all previous work history for resume.
    • Collect 3-5 work references for Resume.
    • Residents will assist in grocery shopping and cooking.
    • Resident will create a budget for each month.
    • Resident will get an approved sponsor.
    • Get a home group.
    • Obtain a service commitment at a home group or on a committee.
    • Residents will complete Steps 1 through 5 with Sponsor.
    • Resident will be able to keep personal space clean at all times and clean up after themselves.
    • Resident will participate in all house activities, including trying new activities without complaining.
    • Resident will complete 10 hours of community.
    • Sneaky and manipulative behavior has ended.
    • Resident will work with 1-2 other residents in preparing a two-course meal for the house.
    • Completion of “Family Letters”.


  • Rediscover: Phase 2 – Staying sober requires participation in life and the ability to navigate life’s challenges with honor and respect. This phase teaches young men how to implement what they have learned and try new activities.sober manResidents will complete steps 6-8 through the readings and with Sponsor.
    • Complete personal objective statement for resume.
    • Residents will complete a cover letter and resume and reference list and be able to demonstrate how they will tailor it for different jobs.
    • Resident will continue to follow basic cooking instructions and help in preparing meals.
    • Resident will continue to assist with cooking and shopping.
    • Each Resident will call 3 members in the fellowship daily (not counting current Surfside Residents).
    • Continued action in keeping the house and personal space clean.
    • Resident has developed a desire for hobbies that do not include TV or video games.
    • Resident will abide by budget.
    • Resident will complete another 10 hours of community service.
    • Residents will complete at minimum 10 amends.
    • Resident begins helping new residents and other members in the 12-step community.
    • Resident will pass 3 mock interviews.
    • Resident will prepare one, two course, edible meal for the entire community.


  • Recover: Phase 3 – Recovery is not a sprint, it is a marathon. In this phase we teach residents how to set a strong steady pace that will prevent burnout in the face of challenges that are sure to come.
    • Residents will complete steps 10-12 in the readings and with Sponsor.
    • Continued work through amends process.
    • Resident will take an active role in the house meetings and meetings outside the house including having service commitments at his home group or on a committee.
    • Resident asks for help and allows others to be apart of his life.
    • Demonstration that he can abide by a budget and create a budget for independent living.
    • Resident is transparent with his money and bank accounts.
    • Resident continues to act as a leader in the house and assists with newer residents and 12-step community members.
    • Resident will begin to seek employment.
    • Resident is an active participant in 12-step recovery.
    • Resident will check in to daily meetings in the OneStep app.
    • Resident is able to abide by curfew.
    • Resident is able to network with 12-step community to get transportation to 12-step meetings.
    • Residents are required to complete their chore daily and clean their room BEFORE they leave for the main house, work, school or other obligations each day.
    • Resident is able to cook for themselves and eat with basic nutrition as well as shop for themselves adequately.

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.” – Jim Rowen


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Lynne Sherman
15:48 27 Apr 18
I am so happy that my son is able to be at Surfside Structured Sober Living. Ian Koch and his staff are wonderful people. They held true to their word and kept me updated on my son's progress from Phase 1 all the way through to Phase 4. These young men need the life skills they are being taught-how to budget money, work the 12 step program, be responsible for chores and cooking. As they advance through the phases, they earn a little more independence. My son went to RCA in Mays Landing, NJ from there to Brace Bridge Hall in MD, and now resides at Surfside. He has nearly 7 months of sobriety and has progressed quickly through the phases. I am so proud of him and truly do not know where he would be in his life right now without Surfside. I highly recommend this facility because not only is my son now sober and alive, he has a whole sober network of friends and has learned many valuable life skills. It is important that these men learn to live without drugs and alcohol and that activities can be fun. Don't let your son trade his life in for drugs and alcohol, send him to Surfside. To my son this is a second family. Thank you so much to Ian, John P., Jared S., and all others at Surfside. HE couldn't have done it without you. Remember "One day at a time". Sincerely, Lynne
Nicholas Geissler
19:16 18 Mar 18
I am forever grateful to have gone through Surfside. The staff was extremely helpful in my early recovery, meeting me where I was at. Its life development program helped improve all areas of my life. I learned how to actually budget money, cook and clean (properly). I was introduced to a 12 step fellowship and a spiritual way of living. While living at Surfside I found a few new hobbies, like kayaking and paddle boarding. Lastly, Surfside gave me the opportunity to improve relationships, especially with my family.
Kevin Garbie
14:34 21 Jan 18
When all hope was lost and it appeared as though I had no options, Ian and the Surfside Staff were available to take me into their home and help me on my journey. The program offers not only the tools for recovery but also the skills to living a sober life. Along the way of learning how to live a sober life; Surfside is structured in a way to remind everyone that life is fun, enjoy it, one day at a time. Even after moving out of Surfside the staff (and residents) continue to be a part of my life, as they have become an extended family to me. I would recommend Surfside to any young man that is seeking the "extra" help and support on the journey to recovery.
Cindy M
22:31 18 Jan 18
We looked at Surfside as an option for our son who ultimately chose not to enter a residential program. We looked at several options and Ian was by far the best person we talked to. He returned calls promptly and was willing to spend as much time with us on the phone as we needed. He was genuine and did not give us a hard sell like some other places we looked at. His passion for and dedication to supporting the recovery of others is clear.
Fred Geissler
15:06 01 Feb 18
Surfside provides the help and guidance for individuals who are looking to rid themselves of the burden of addiction. A structured program helps the individuals to understand that there is life after addiction. The owner and staff do a great job in making this new beginning a reality. I highly recommend this program.
Timmy O’Reilly
00:32 02 May 18
Surfside was a place I went to after treatment without knowing anything about it, I thought it’s name sounded good so I went with it. What I didn’t know is what would come in the coming months(4). It’s a house full of young guys with different backgrounds coming together to work for one common goal. The combination of morning step Work(that took me through the 12 steps), sponsorship from recommended alumni, the various activities that bring the house together, and the house comraderey, set the tone for how and what I need to do in my recovery to stay sober. It’s a place where you can gain so much with hard work and a proper attitude. This structured way of approaching addiction worked for me thus far and it has given me the tools to continue to succeed in life after Surfside.
Sagar Dave
15:46 06 May 18
I am currently attending this institution and it has provided me with a very structured life. I need the structure so I could build a strong foundation for my recovery. I have been provided all the tools for a strong recovery at Surfside and I hope to continue my life in a positive way in sobriety. I highly recommend this place if you are serious about recovery.
Matt Blomquist
17:18 24 May 18
Surfside is a truly expectional 12 Step Based program and is a standard for what Structured Sober Living should offer. I have worked in the addiction services field for several years and can highly recommend Surfside to anyone looking for good treatment. I referred a family member of mine struggling with alcohol issues to Surfside over a year ago and he is still doing well today. The compassion, professionalism, and services offered at Surfside, truly provide their clients with the real tools needed for long term recovery.
David Megenis
21:01 05 Jun 18
As a professional in the field, it is an honor to give Surfside 5 stars. I like to refer to Surfside because I know my client is going to have a unique experience while being immersed in the 12 step process. Kudos to Surfside for recently purchasing "Camp Surfside", I large piece of land that was acquired for the sole purpose of getting the clients outside and having some fun! Thank you Ian!
lynn R
22:39 21 Jul 18
We are pleased to have found Surfside. Ian and his staff provide a supportive and caring environment that allows the residents to transition back into society at their own pace while providing some piece of mind to their family members during the recovery process. The residents work on the development of some essential life skills and learn how to enjoy life again without drugs and alcohol. Ian and staff are responsive and truly invested in the recovery process of the residents. After completion of the program the young men are encouraged to stay involved with the Surfside community and continue to build the relationships they have started to develop there. There is a need for more programs like Surfside for those looking for a comprehensive approach to the recovery process.
Tyler Garson
13:09 16 Aug 18
There is no better place to turn your life around. I can say without a doubt that Surfside saved me life. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. A+ program. I couldn’t be more thankful for my time there and highly reccomed it to anyone struggling.
Dave Simons
17:00 20 Sep 18
Surfside structured sober living changed my life in a way I never thought possible. I had lost all hope in ever having any type of peace and happiness in my life. After taking they're directions and following a few simple rules I now live a life of freedom and happiness. After 10 years of trails and tribulations, attempt after attempt to get sober surfside got through to me and helped me make the change I needed to live a life behind my wildest dreams.
Nicholas Vaughan
20:00 19 Oct 18
Surfside changed my life and helped me get my life back together. The staff is absolutely incredible, the activities always kept me busy, the house is always clean, but most importantly the inside work I was able to do on myself gave my mother her son back. Surfside taught me the tools that I will need in the real world to help me become the man my parents raised me to be. Thank you for helping me get my life back! Love you guys
Sean Atkinson
17:41 15 Oct 18
Surfside saved my life. Everything serves a purpose and at the end of the experience - the culmination of work proves to be necessary in continuing with a sober productive life.
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