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Surfside Recovery is a 501c (3) non-profit organization whose mission it is to help men in the 18-35-year-old demographic achieve a healthy and sustainable recovery from addiction. We recognize the need for extended care sober living in NJ. Addiction is a terrible disease that affects people from all walks of life. Getting clean is not the end, but rather the beginning to a worthwhile journey that can change lives. For us, it begins with the importance of a caring structured sober living home.

What is Structured Sober Living?

Our structured sober living in NJ has helped many men achieve stable and fulfilling lives. If you’ve reached this page, you may even be asking what exactly structured sober living is and what it entails.

There are many cut and dry answers to what structured sober living is, but for us, it is the provision of an environment and standards that you will carry with you long after you leave our care. At Surfside Recovery, we teach men how to reintegrate and reenter society on their own terms.

As stated before, addiction is a terrible disease that can devastate a person’s life, their relationship to their friends and family, and can greatly impact the community they are a part of.

Structured sober living involves a stay of typically 6 months or more, where you or your loved one will have a place to sleep and all of the amenities required to enjoy that stay. Staying with you will be other men in the program that are going through the same process of developing healthy routines.

Our Structured Sober Living Program in NJ

Many people who are trying to improve their lives and get the help they need get the feeling like after detox, after a treatment program such as inpatient, PHP, or OP, feel as if they should be “cured”. We try to stray away from the idea that addiction is either permanent or it can be cured.

Addiction is a condition and a predisposing, in many cases. It arises out of many factors such as hereditary susceptibility to drug or alcohol use, or it can be a result of maladaptive coping mechanisms in response to trauma.

Whichever the case, it can take many years to develop the requisite conditions for addiction, so learning to live sober is a process—one which every individual must embrace. Surfside Structured Sober Living embraces, among many things, a 12-step program as the foundation of our home model. We will dedicate a full post to deep dive into these phases and what they entail. For now, a summary will suffice. Our program is set up into 3 phases:




These 3 phases all have their own steps which our residents can gradually work on alongside their fellow community members. Rebuilding is about embracing the beginning stages of sobriety and one’s ability to handle basic responsibilities such as creating a budget or strategies for seeking employment. Rediscover involves recognizing that life is not just merely handling tasks, but also navigating challenges with honor and respect. Integrating the prior phase’s responsibilities while gradually learning new one’s is a chief part of this phase.

Lastly, Recover—the 3rd phase. As we love to say, recovery is not a sprint, it is a marathon. The Recover phase marks a path of growth for our beloved residents. Many of our residents who stay with us for structured sober living in NJ often remark at how much they’ve grown when they reach this stage. Going from someone who was, just a few months’ prior, learning to handle the basics of daily living, to someone who is handling those while helping others can be a source of pride and self-esteem.

What are the Benefits of Structured Sober Living?

The above section highlights the most important parts of what sober living has to offer. In our structured sober living in NJ, our residents will learn how to:

  • Keep consistent routines
  • Learn how to do basic budgeting
  • Understand the importance of being honest and forthcoming with oneself and others
  • Cook meals and handle grocery shopping in conjunction with a budget
  • Make lifelong bonds with other men in the program, enjoying leisurely activities and fostering positive connections
  • Learn healthy sleep hygiene
  • Develop positive hobbies and pastimes

Through the development of these skills, habits, and routines, a person can transform their life and turn chaos into order.

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