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Families get relief from addiction when their son/daughter is in sober living in NJ

Often families balk at the idea of supporting the addict in their lives as he transitions from a facility to sober living in NJ.  The family life of an addict can look more like a war zone than an episode of the Brady Bunch, with the family being held hostage by the addict’s chaos.  You reflect on the beautiful moments when this person brought you an overwhelming sense of joy, when their presence could light up a room.  They too are being held hostage by a crippling disease.  The addict is deeply entrenched in the delusion that using only hurts them, and may be totally unaware of the damage they’ve done to the people around them.  Sometimes they are totally unaware that a solution exists, or perhaps they believe recovery sounds impossible.  The family begins to suffer under the weight of the loved one’s addiction – but there are options for sober living in NJ that can assist in building a beautiful, meaningful recovery for the entire family.

Addiction often creates a mess of confusion, heartbreak, and anger, but we beg families to hold on to the glimmer sunrise in new jersey sober livingof hope they see in those rare moments when the addict laughs or smiles.  We know that buried beneath a devastating addiction is the human who once brought immense happiness to our lives.  Recovering addicts frequently speak of the fear they felt when they had to leave their detox/rehab and re-enter the real world because they were surrounded by so many triggers.  Surfside Structured Sober Living aims to reduce those triggers by transitioning men from any treatment facility to a structured sober living in NJ.  The staff at Surfside Structured Sober Living are not only personally invested in seeing addicts recover, but hold advanced degrees in the field, enabling them to create a structured sober living home that is both unique to the field and crucial to building lasting recovery.  If you or someone you love is seeking sober living in NJ or in any other place on the east coast, contact us at 609.709.4205.