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The Drug Overdose Epidemic: How NJ Sober Living options can help

Drug deaths are rising rapidly in New Jersey and throughout the country, with increasing numbers of people seeking NJ sober living as one of many options for recovery.  While deaths from prescription painkillers are causing a massive rise in deaths amongst middle-aged women, we see huge numbers of young people switching from pills to a cheaper (and equally deadly) option: heroin.

An article we recently shared via our Twitter feed (@SurfsideSSL) comes from the New York Times, stating

Give up the battle

Give up the battle

“deaths from overdoses are reaching levels similar to the H.I.V. epidemic at its peak.”  In past years, overdose deaths were marked primarily by men who were killed by heroin or cocaine overdoses.  Overdoses that once happened primarily in urban areas have now spread to nearly every community, which overdose deaths in rural and suburban areas now more common the “metropolitan” areas.

So why do we share this information, and how is it linked to NJ sober living options?  Because we are painfully aware that with overdose deaths reaching epidemic proportions, almost every family in America is touched by a terrifying, potentially fatal crisis.  Treatment programs covered by insurance often last 28 days, with the addict then returning to the same unstructured, difficult life they left only a month prior. Sober living houses provide addicts and alcoholics a safe place away from the stresses of home. We strongly recommend that when exiting treatment addicts DO NOT go back home or to the same old stomping ground. Just because someone has achieved physical abstinence and is feeling “ok”, does not mean that the brain has fully recovered and will be able to assist in guarding against a relapse. Sober Living in NJ and other programs around the country offer a invaluable service to addicts and their families that will help to prevent continued addiction and possible relapse.

At Surfside Structured Sober Living, we provide men with a 3-Phase program to guide them as they transition from the safe, protective walls of a treatment center to the unpredictable and often challenging real world.  Our aim is assist men as they rebuild, rediscover and recover so that they can become a statistic about the success of recovery rather than a statistic about overdose deaths.  We are the only NJ Sober living resource of this kind and are excited about the assistance we provide.

If you or someone you love could benefit from the services provided by Surfside Structured Sober Living, we encourage you to call us at 609-709-4205 or visit our website at  We are active on all forms of social media and hope you will follow our Twitter @SurfsideSSL to engage in a conversation about the addiction epidemic sweeping our nation.