Admission Line: 609.709.4205

It’s hard to describe Surfside – in the most simple terms, we’re an NJ recovery house.  But we offer far more than a roof and four walls – we’re a program built on the principle that action is the greatest catalyst for change.  We say this often.  But what exactly does this mean? 

Completing inpatient treatment is a very small, beginning step in the long journey through sobriety – think of this like putting on your socks.  In rare circumstances, maybe the only thing you’d wear all day is your socks and you’d be just fine.  But usually you need a lot more in order to be appropriately dressed, right? The same applies to detox/residential treatment… it’s a start. Inpatient programs are essentially asking someone to abstain from a problematic behavior for a period of time while in a facility with frequent monitoring, wrap around clinical services, and (in most cases) some recent painful consequences that motivate one to stay for a period of time.  What happens when upon discharge from a facility, however, is where the work starts.  If patients aren’t ultra-mindful in accepting a plan and developing a support system that holds them to it, it’s easy for folks in early recovery to forget what drove them to seek help in the first place.  A treatment center may recommend an NJ recovery house to ease the transition from an inpatient setting to the freedom of the real world, and we’ve built a program specifically designed to walk people through the early stages of recovery from addiction.

When we refer to Surfside as a “program,” we mean that we’ve built far more than a sober living.  Our residents agree to take our plan of action, which includes working towards measurable goals, engaging in the recovery community, completing the 12-steps and finding healthy hobbies.  This is a huge ask and something we know is difficult for a young man to do on his own, which is why we have over 15 full-time staff members engaging in recovery support, case management, and more. We are truly an NJ recovery house that believes action creates far more change than guilt, shame, self-loathing, or “doing it on our own” ever will. 

The specific actionable goals for each phase of our program can be found on our website under the “Program” tab, and we believe this paints a very clear picture of our unique approach to addiction recovery.  We work exceptionally well with young men (18-35) who’ve tried things their own way for a while and continue to struggle with substance use. If you are interested in more details about our daily schedule or know someone who may benefit from our program, please feel free to contact our Executive Director at 609-709-4205.