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The Mother of an Addict

A mother’s love for her son. There are few bonds as strong as the connection between a mother and her son.  When you are a mother of an addict, that love can be tested; but it does not fade away.  That can be said for the entire Surfside community… including the Executive Director and his mother.

Have you ever wondered what Ian’s mother is like? And how she put up with him for all of those years?  We spoke to Denise Koch, the matriarch of Surfside, and inquired about what parents should look for when their son or loved one is struggling with active addiction. As a mother of an addict, Denise knows exactly what YOU are going through.

As a Mother of an Addict, What Do You Need to Know?

  1. Go With Your Gut: If i didn’t have concrete proof, then I should believe him. Unless I could prove it, I didn’t want to hold him accountable… and that was a HUGE mistake. I knew that something was wrong all along, and I turned out to be right.
  2. Support, but Don’t Enable: He wanted to “go out to school to Colorado”, which in all reality meant he wanted to be a snowboard bum who did drugs.  We absolutely wanted him to go to college, but he had to have a plan to have our support, both emotionally and financially.
  3. You Can’t Pray for Help and Then Say “No” When It Taps You on the Shoulder: If your son asks for help, it is time to take action.  Allowing him to do the same thing he has been doing won’t change his situation.  If you are not sure what action you need to take, it is vital to consult trusted treatment representatives.

If you are sitting at work or in traffic and want to hear some hilarious, terrifying, and inspiring stores of our Executive Director through the eyes of his number one fan, click the Play button below! Be sure to check out the Surfside recovery podcast every Sunday morning.

As always, if you, your mother, your son, or loved one are struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out.