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Jersey Shore Sober Living offers recovery close to home.

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The media’s frequent coverage of the heroin crisis sweeping the Jersey Shore touches on the horrors of substance abuse, but often overlooks an immense recovery network housed in New Jersey, ranging from treatment centers to Jersey Shore sober living and other recovery house options.  People often worry that getting sober means packing all their belongings and moving to a swanky rehab in the south for months on end.  The reality is that New Jersey has 3x the national average for overdose deaths, but also has an incredible number of in-state resources fighting the good fight against addiction.  South Jersey, known for the beautiful pine barrens and gorgeous beaches, has seen a massive increase in substance abuse and overdose, but is also home to number of excellent treatment centers.  In Atlantic County alone, one has multiple options for inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

And what comes after the treatment center?  Many recovering addicts and alcoholics will tell you that rehab gave them the sense that they could live without drugs and alcohol, but they were terrified to leave the safe confines of their treatment center.  In fact, many people beg their treatment centers to extend their stay because they are so afraid of the unstructured world beyond the walls of rehab.  This is where structured sober living plays a critical role in maintaining recovery.

Surfside Structured Sober Living is a unique Jersey Shore Sober Living facility, unlike any other sober house in the state.  Surfside provides young men with an incredibly structured sober living environment, combining adventure-based activities with life skills, personal responsibility, 12 step recovery and a integrated family program.  A person doesn’t have to go far from home to change “people, places and things.”  At Surfside Structured Sober Living, you’ll be surrounded by people passionate about recovery, travel with your peers to camp, ski, hike and surf, and constantly try energizing new activities.

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