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There’s something magical about the month of January.  With the stress of the holidays behind us, January is a month where we see a massive influx of folks celebrating milestones in their recovery.  At Surfside, a nationally recognized structured sober living in NJ, our hearts are full as we watch our alumni celebrate multiple years of sobriety.

And why are we so impressed with January celebrations?  Because so many of the young men who moved to NJ to be a part of our sober living community & rigorous action-based program were deeply broken, often as the result of wreaking havoc on another holiday season for their family. For others, discovering that they were not welcome home during the holidays highlighted how isolated they’ve become in their addiction. We understand that substance use disorder not only impacts the individual, but has a ripple effect through the entire family & community.  When we watch young men recover, we know that there is a family that can breathe easier and sleep at night, knowing their loved one is a new person today.

The New Year’s Resolution is powerful for someone struggling with substance use disorder, because it often reveals that it’s not so simple to “just stop.”  As the month of January rolls on, we watch as people are consistently surprised that although they want to stop drinking or using, they often need additional support.  And while the excuses to avoid a treatment center or sober living are endless, the month of January also means that excuses like “I need to be home for the holidays” are no longer a barrier to recovery. Committing to a long-term adventure-based program is not so daunting when we’re experiencing an emotional bottom – we’ve watched many young men travel to NJ to change their lives in our program, believing that this year can look different than the years prior.

For many families, discerning the difference between a traditional sober living or intensely structured sober living (like Surfside) can be overwhelming, particularly when someone is in crisis.  If you want to learn more about what differentiates Surfside from many of the other traditional sober livings in NJ, please give us a call at 609-709-4205.