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Google Maps And Recovery Resources

What a world we live in in 2019.  All of the information we need can be accessed in seconds via a quick swipe across screen or a simple question to Siri.  With immersive technology comes the good and the bad, but it cannot be argued that cell phones have absolutely changed the way we live.  As we have seen before, addiction and recovery can be a life or death scenario.  Time is at an essence, and efficiently connecting individuals to appropriate services should be of utmost importance. Now, Google, and consequently Google Maps, has thrown its hat in the ring to help those in active addiction and recovery find recovery services.

The latest feature to Google Maps shows individuals nearby addiction recovery resources and provides navigation to those services.  The update includes over 83,000 12-step meetings across 33,000 locations, including both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  If you are in recovery and travel frequently, you can already imagine the usefulness of the new tool.

In addition, the new Google Maps feature provides location of nearby suppliers of Narcan that can be used in the event of an overdose.  In an instance of pure chaos and danger, this new resource could help save lives in an maps

For all of you in active recovery, now you have no excuse to tell your sponsor about why you couldn’t find a meeting! Your daily involvement in 12-Step Fellowship can be found during your countless swipes on Instagram and Facebook.

We are incredibly excited to observe the future of this new Google Maps feature. We will continue to follow along to see how else Google Maps connects those in recovery to appropriate services.

As always, if you or a loved one are struggling and need some guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our Executive Director will personally help connect you to the proper treatment services.