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Getting Help with Addiction: where to start?

Families supporting someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol could be the difference between life and death. It can also determine what the journey of life will have in store. Knowing how and when to help with addiction is the hardest part for most family members.

Addiction is quietly destroying families across the Northeast portion of the United States. One of the sadist parts today is that treatment and insurance industry is charging terrible prices for drug tests and packing as many people into the program as possible. Families are stuck with the financial burden and the son or daughter is not even getting quality attention. The parents stay devastated and consistently wonder how they can help their son or daughter.

Knowing when and how to help is the key. Learning how to appropriately support their loved one without supporting

getting help with addiction in nj

When getting help with addiction it can feel overwhelming for everyone involved.

the addiction is a hard task at hand. When this is done properly, the family will begin to heal.

  • At Surfside Recovery Services we would recommend each family take each situation in account. Careful decisions need to be taken and examined separately.
  • We recommend some basic things to consider are:
  • Has he/she tried to getting clean before?
  • What types of recovery programs have they been in?
    • Do you actually know anything about them? Have you visited them? If the housing is separate have you visited that?
  • What did they do to try and help him/ her stay sober?
  • Have they been in any institutions like detoxes or rehabs?
    • How many and how long of a stay was each?
  • How old are they?
  • How is the family support?
    How much money has been spent on this problem?

    • Not counting ridiculously expensive drug tests bills.
  • How much money is a family or an addict willing to spend to get their son back?
  • Does he/she have insurance?
  • How far from home can/should they go?
  • Do they have legal trouble?

We could continue this list at infinity. Good confidential assessments can help you get answers to the big question of “how to help with addiction?” Having someone look at the situation by utilizing a objective lens will help guide the family along the healing path.

Regardless of what you do, tell your son/daughter that you love them. Tell them often, even if you hate their behaviors at the moment. Being mad at them is normal and “ok”. Love can be one of the most powerful forces in an addict’s recovery.

Giving help with addiction is different than trying to rescue or take care of someone afflicted. Knowing exactly what addicts need to do to get clean is imperative just as it is imperative that the family does certain things as well. Some for the “help” could be enabling and harmful to their continued success.

Please call us for a free consultation at 609.709.4205. Knowing your options as a family and giving continuous love is important. Supporting a addict that is in recovery is a long process. Stay grounded, stay strong and do not be afraid to seek guidance.


Ian Koch, MS, LCADC, CAS