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Structured Sober Living: Programming to Foster Motivation

At Surfside Structured Sober Living, people often hear about our services and immediately ask how we differ from the typical halfway house, sober house or Oxford house.  When people hear the world “structured,” they don’t always recognize that this is the most critical aspect of the service we offer: intensive programming designed by a Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor in an effort to build lasting recovery.  But what does this look like, and why are we convinced that it can be useful to recovering addicts?

As we become more involved in our recovery, it becomes increasingly clear that fear is a motivating factor in all areas of our life.  Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of looking stupid… all of these fears are like a tiny little voice that says, “Don’t do that. You’ll fail.”  For the addict, this voice can be deadly.  At Surfside Structured Sober Living, our programming is based on the knowledge that boredom breeds bad behaviors and exercise is one of the greatest tools for positive change.  When we describe our action-packed program as “adventure-based,” we refer to a weekly schedule of physical activities geared towards taking healthy risks and promoting an energetic lifestyle.  In his book “The Power of Habit,” author Charles Duhigg refers to exercise as a “keystone habit,” or a good habit that facilitates the development of other positive habits.  As we begin to respect our body for the strong machine it is, we are less willing to weaken it with alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.  We know that lifting weights teaches patience, surfing teaches humility, stand-up paddleboarding teaches balance, running teaches endurance, hiking teaches agility and endurance, yoga teaches serenity and so on.  Through a structured, adventure-based program, we are able to assist young men as they rebuild, rediscover and recover using an array of tools.

If you or someone you love would benefit from the services we provide or needs to be placed into front line addiction treatment like detox or a residentialbeach walk Structured Sober Living program, please call Surfside Structured Sober Living today at 609-709-4205 or use the contact form on our website