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All the FAQ you might need about our NJ Sober Living home.

Why Structured Sober Living in NJ?

  • Structured Sober Living in NJ offers residents a place to feel welcome and grow in their recovery. New Jersey offers a tremendous amount of activity and Ventnor has a strong, passionate recovery community
  • Quality structured programs will engage the family by teaching them about addiction and recovery, involving them in their son’s life and guiding them through the difficult process of learning the difference of helping vs. enabling

How Long should someone stay?

  • Rather than recommending a set amount of time, we ask residents for the willingness to complete the program and for their families to support them in this. At Surfside Structured Sober Living, we are not focused on holding our breath and pausing a behavior for a set number of days, weeks, or months.  We are instead focused on completing meaningful goals that create change in our residents.
  • “Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly” – this phrase is often heard in the rooms of 12-step recovery. A highly motivated resident can easily work their way through our 3 phase program in 5 months. Someone who requires more motivation, encouragement and struggles with time management may take longer to complete the program, like 7-9 months
  • If one of our residents is not a good fit for the house and it’s close-knit family environment, we will work with the resident to find an environment that is more conducive to their needs. The screening in our admission process is designed to eliminate this, but we will always make strides to assist the resident if necessary
  • What happens when someone graduates? Our residents can step down to one of the many unstructured sober living homes in Ventnor, NJ. Surfside also has “Phase 4” which is our less structured recovery home. This will help them foster the relationships they began to build and will enable them to keep the job they found
  • For a list of items to bring, please CLICK HERE

Can Family Visit?

  • We would love the family to visit. Each month we invite families to our family support group and provide them with weekly calls and updates as needed
  • As the resident moves through phases, families will be encouraged to come and support this process and experiences their son’s cooking as he makes a meal for himself and his housemates
  • Thinking about moving in? We welcome you to tour the home and ask questions. Please call 609.709.4205 to schedule

What about Cell Phones?

  • Sorry gentlemen! Cell phones are a privilege earned after completion of the first 30 days. We need to see how motivated you are for recovery first. This includes personal computers. That being said, we do have a house phone for residents to use as necessary and computers.
  • Upon admission Residents can phone home to check in with family during designated times.
  • Any upper phrase resident who lends a phone to a lower phase resident will immediately forfeit cell phone privileges — Learning about self-respect and integrity means applying those principles in every area of the resident’s life.

How is Surfside different from free or insurance based sober living?

  • Surfside Structured Sober Living is a family-based program. Rent covers 3 meals a day and snacks, the use of all our equipment and makes residents eligible for all house activities. We welcome our residents and their families with open arms
    • We do not provide any clinical services. Surfside Structured Sober Living utilizes the quality addiction based treatment centers that already exist in the community
    • Our residents must have at least 7 full days of abstinence prior to entering our home. If a resident requires addiction treatment we will get them to an appropriate facility
    • Ideally residents come live with us after addiction treatment and, if necessary, utilize the local clinical services
  • “Free” or “Insurance Based Sober Living” utilizes the “Florida Model”. This means the company provides free housing while the resident goes to the intensive outpatient program that submits a bill to the insurance. Once the insurance runs out, one pays an out of pocket expense or the resident must leave. Many of these programs also bill insurance over $600 per drug test; these claims are denied and the family must pay out of pocket
    • Benefits of the Florida Model: Minimal out of pocket expense and the residents gets to sit in groups for 3-6 hours a day
    • Problems with the Florida Model: Not only does it drain insurance benefits, but it often doesn’t provide any basic life skills necessary for someone to succeed (nutrition courses, resume building, budgeting courses), does not include food or any extra activities, and often creates boredom and unintentionally promotes mischievous behavior
    • Some of these programs market themselves as “residential treatment”
  • Rehab or Residential Addiction Treatment often take people with less than 24 hours clean. These programs generally work with most major insurance companies and provide clients monitored medical treatment and clinical groups in a supervised residential setting. These facilities often have a mixed gender population with 25-100+ beds. The focus of these facilities is to separate the addict from the substance
    • These programs are usually 7-28 days
    • Out of pocket expenses for the average 28 day program is about $25,000

How many residents in the house?

  • We have an intimate setting with a 3 story home that can comfortably house up to 14 men
  • Our NJ sober living home has 3 full bathrooms, two full kitchens, 2 washing machines and 2 dryers. The house also has a massive front porch that overlooks the street and has views of the bay
    • We are about 20 yards to the bay, where we can drop in paddle boards or fish, and we are a short 3 blocks to the ocean
    • We are walking distance to many local AA and NA meetings and other local community based providers
    • Local public transportation can take us anywhere we need to go in a short amount of time
  • We also have two other houses for the Phase 3 and 4 residents. Each one is unique in its own respect.
    • If you are curious to see the homes call 6097094205 and set up a tour.

What if my son breaks or loses some of the house equipment?

All residents have access to various types of cooking supplies, sports, hiking and computer equipment. We will not hold any resident responsible for damage incurred by normal wear and tear

  • If a resident is neglectful and purposely damages the equipment or “forgets” equipment in town then he will be responsible for the repairs or replacement cost

Are Medical or Clinical Services available?

  • Yes, we utilize local businesses
    • Surfside DOES NOT provide any clinical addiction treatment or medical services
  • Our sober living home is located in Ventnor City, which is on Absecon Island. Absecon Island is composed of four towns: Atlantic City, Ventnor City, Margate and Longport. In addition to the multitude of services located on-shore, we are a 15 minute drive from a variety of services on the mainland.
  • Most medical and clinical services are within walking distance. The area’s largest hospital is just a short drive from our home and can be accessed using local transport
    • Local service providers include psychiatrists, therapists, general practitioners, Vivitrol providers and any other service you can think of or could possibly need
  • We will do our best to connect residents to services that are covered under their insurance. If they are not insured, we will help them apply for state Medicaid

Can I bring my car?

  • Cars are not necessary. Residents have access to bicycles and bike locks, as well as plenty of public transportation.  Most places are within walking distance of our home.
  • “But I need it for work!” Once a resident moves into Phase 3, a car will be considered on a case-to-case basis