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For the Family:

The families of our sober living residence heal as well

The families of our sober living residence heal as well

At Surfside Structured Sober Living we believe that the family is an integral part of the program and the recovery of their son. Without the full support of families, we will not be able to provide the necessary mentorship to our residents.

Families will get a phone check-in once a week at minimum with updates on the progress and participation of their son. Surfside will also help the families set appropriate boundaries and these conversations will lead to families learning when to help and when to let their son learn some of life’s most important lessons.

The families are highly encouraged to come for the family weekend; this is the first weekend of each month. Residents may go out with their families this day from 12:30pm Saturday morning to 5pm Sunday afternoon. The parents will be required to attend a family support group at 10:15am Saturday morning and must touch base with staff Sunday evening.

One of our requirements for the successful completion of Phase 3 is, “Resident will prepare one edible meal for the entire community.”  We encourage families to attend dinner on the evening that their son cooks for our home.

The last critical part, which is perhaps the most important, is that we ask families to provide the resident with two handwritten letters (from two different people) explaining in detail how the addiction made them feel.  These letters become an eye-opening catalyst for change in the recovery process.  They also serve as a healing tool for the family as a whole unit.

At Surfside Structured Sober Living we are a family and we want our residents to be immersed in the family lifestyle again.  We understand that forgiveness takes time and believe that much of this program will not only assist the addict in maintaining recovery, but will aid the family in healing.