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New Jersey Shutdown; What Do We Do?

As you may have heard, Governor Murphy instituted a mandatory lockdown for the state of New Jersey in response to the Coronavirus spread. If you are in addiction recovery, the news might bring mixed emotions. Maybe you are looking forward to spending some time at home. Maybe you are worried about the incoming bills you need to pay. Nevertheless, the Coronavirus and the subsequential response will affect all of us in some way. Well, if you are quarantined and in recovery, we have a few suggestions for you. Being quarantined in recovery can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

We are not naive. We know many of the young people in recovery are looking forward to the opportunity to binge watch some Netflix or play video games while stuck at home. Some downtime doesn’t hurt, but without moderation, can be incredibly dangerous while living in recovery. Remember, addiction is a disease of loneliness.  If legitimate action is not taken to remain connected to the recovery community while quarantined, it can be a slippery slope.

As a result of the shutdown, many 12-Step Fellowship meetings, such as AA and NA, have been disbanded until further notice. You can stay up to date with all meeting closings here.

Some Suggestions from Surfside

So, as you enjoy your daily dose of Coronavirus memes while at home, we have included a few suggestions to help you stay sober during a quarantine.

  1. Call 3 People in Recovery Every Day: This one may be tough for some people. If you are in recovery, you know how hard it can be to pick up the phone and talk to someone. But staying in touch with your network is critical to avoid too much isolation. Perhaps some of those dark thoughts in your head would be better suited if talked about with a close friend or mentor. Who knows, maybe you will call someone who is struggling, and you will be there to help them!
  2. Attend a Meeting on ZOOM: Ah, the advancements of modern technology. It is now possible to enjoy a 12-Step Fellowship meeting from the confines of your home. Obviously, attending a meeting in-person comes with its own benefits. But during a time like this, an online meeting will absolutely suffice.
  3. Learn a New Skill: Yes. We are suggesting that you actually take a break from Netflix! Why not try to keep the mind sharp and challenge yourself? Who knows, maybe there is something you have always wanted to try, but “never had the time to actually do.” Well, newsflash, you will have a lot of time on your hands in the next coming weeks. Maybe practice learning a new language, learning an instrument, learning to code software, do puzzles, read and write, or start an in-home exercise routine. Eventually, this whole Coronavirus fear will come to end. Wouldn’t it be cool to come out on the other side with a new skill?

Obviously, we can make this list much longer, but these are just a few concrete suggestions to get the ball rolling. Remember, recovery from addiction is a daily reprieve. Just because the world has shut down… doesn’t mean you are immune to addiction.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Try something new!

As always, if you or a loved one are struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our Executive Director is ready for your call to point you in the direction of adequate treatment services especially if you are quarantined in recovery.