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Strength in Numbers: Fighting Addiction in New Jersey

When confronting the epidemic of addiction in New Jersey, often people advocate for “strength in numbers,” suggesting that our communities are more responsive to large numbers of people speaking up about the tragedy sweeping our nation.  But in our homes and personal lives, uniting to address addiction in New Jersey, or any other state for that matter, can also mean banding together to offer the addict in our lives a new opportunity.

Addiction is an uphill battle that we fight with all the tools available, and it often requires a tremendous amount of support from everyone affected.  The addict may feel incredibly isolated and alone, especially as his behavior becomes more erratic.  Families are often exhausted and need to set boundaries.  In many cases, this means that an addict entering recovery has the full support of his family, but is no longer welcome in their home.  This is where the structured sober living home is critical to the addict and his family.

Help the addict understand the consequences of his actions by sitting down with him to confront the problem.  Be sure to empathize with the challenges he is experiencing, even if you do not have firsthand experience with addiction.  By speaking to the addict face to face and expressing your concern, you are already shattering the

Fighting the up hill battle

Fighting the up hill battle

delusion that he is facing this completely alone.  This conversation may plant a seed in the addict’s head that his actions are impacting everyone around them, making him more aware of the negative behaviors.  Even if he continues to use, the addict is now aware that you want to stand beside him on this journey through recovery.

Addiction in New Jersey and across the nation is tearing families apart, but there are a variety of resources that can help addicts and their families to rebuild.  Surfside structured sober living provides an environment that encourages young men to change, grow and become whole again.  Families that stand together in this fight against addiction will emerge stronger and better equipped to face the challenges ahead.  If you or a loved one would benefit from a risk free consultation with a professional at Surfside Structured Sober Living, please contact us at 609-709-4205.