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Camp Surfside

Camp Surfside is our own mens adventure park. It is situated on 11.5 acres of land about 35min west of the house. It features year round camping in a “Wall Tent” equipped with solar powered lights and wood burning stove for heat. We also have our very own paintball field with full paintball equipment and Air-soft equipment.

Why do we do this? Because getting sober is amazing if the right opportunities are presented. Being clean is not boarding and there are tons of activities to do. We utilize this piece of land to show our residents just another look into how great things can be.

Please visit our Camp Surfside Facebook Page for more info and updates.

Ben Goldman
23:28 26 Dec 19
I am forever grateful for the people I have met at Surfside and for the program itself. I ran myself ragged in my alcoholism and addiction. I was able to achieve a lot while using, but I was wearing a number of masks while doing it. I would build up my life than tear it down in 1 day that 1 day would turn into weeks and months. I would rebuild my life again only to tear it down worse this time. The last time I decided to burn my life to the ground I made sure I was not aware I was doing it. I did everything I could to get away from the miserable person I became. I would go through prolonged periods of life not remembering any of it. Since I was prescribed medications at the age of 11 then narcotics at the age of 16. My life was over I did not care if I lived or died. After 13 months separated from prescriptions and alcohol I now pray for life instead of death. I hold every moment dear to my heart. I want to be a positive son, father, brother, friend, and person in society. I work extremely hard every single day to keep growing and over come this disease. It is a lifelong battle and if you can commit every 24 hour day to that you will see there’s no other way you would rather live. Thank you to all the Surfside staff and especially Brian, Ian, and Nick.
Jerry Schwartz
23:04 26 Dec 19
I have had the great pleasure of watching someone go through the program at Surfside. It was an amazing experience. Obviously the first and most important component was to take the necessary steps in the addiction process, which went extremely well. But the extra component is how it shaped Ben into this great guy. Great in believing himself, great in understanding the direction he is going, great in learning how to live his life and fulfilling his future. Ben's personal values have spiraled upward in understanding personal values, commitment to beliefs, and how his life should move forward. There might be a lot of addiction programs out there, but I can't imagine that any compare to Surfside. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone that is facing the challenges of addiction to visit Surfside and see the difference. And I want to thank Surfside for helping someone that I care so much about becoming the new Ben.
Nicholas Kitsos
15:32 13 Nov 19
Surfside has helped me immensely. Coming through this program helped me turned my life around and find the beauty in sobriety and life. I was able to discover new hobbies, make new friendships, and build a network of people that truly care about my well-being. Before this program, I had a hard time getting into AA, but the way they taught it to me and guided me through the program changed my entire perception of it. I had been to about 4 different rehabs and programs and was never able to stay sober. When I got here the staff was able to connect with me and had an interesting program in place that helped me learn to cook, be accountable for my actions, get involved in AA, find a sense of spirituality, and get in the best shape of my life. The location is perfect (right by the beach) and I went on some really fun camping and surfing trips. My entire family is grateful for this program and the positive changes they have seen in me because of it . Thank you Ian, Dan, Jared, Scott and all who helped me.
jack kephart
02:48 13 Nov 19
Before coming to Surfside, I never thought I would ever be able to stay sober for an extended amount of time nor did I really even want to. The Surfside staff and community stands out from other programs I have been to because they showed me that life was fun and worth living without drugs and alcohol. I thought that by being sober, I was giving up on all the fun things people in their 20’s were “supposed” to be doing, but this program really gives you an extended amount of time to work on yourself through the 12 steps and discover new hobbies to replace the unhealthy old ones. This program works if you work it and it saved my life, and I credit the life I have built today and my sobriety to this phenomenal program. If you are serious about getting sober, this is the BEST place to do it hands down!
Patti Anne McAndrews
17:33 29 Oct 19
Ian Koch has an amazing treatment program. I’ve been in the field for over 30 years and rarely do I come across a specialized program that offers such comprehensive care. Ian also has created a community of support that will last these young man forever. We have seen great success with Surfside Treatment Center. Adolescent & Young Adult Advocates looks forward to ongoing opportunities to utilizing the support of our colleagues at the beach. Thank you for your passion and care.
Margaret scheinert
15:50 21 Oct 19
My son had tried many methods/treatment approaches in his attempt to get sober. Nothing worked for any extended period of time until Surfside Structured Sober Living. I believe their phase method of dealing with the whole person - sobriety, accountability, money management, therapy, group culpability, employment, physical health, etc. - saved my son's life. Ian and his staff were a Godsend to us all. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, just make the call! I am eternally grateful for the care my son received and for this wonderful network of support he now has. Thank you to Ian and his entire staff!
margo schreiber
20:56 03 Oct 19
After numerous 28-day in-patient and outpatient programs and serious overdoses Surfside showed up exactly when my son was ready and willing to receive help. Their program is long term. My son initiated inquiries into Surfside’s program after hearing several young men speak at the rehab facility where my son was attending. He loved the emphasis on physical activities. He was taught how to enjoy life without the need for substances. He got physically healthy; he learned independent daily living skills. He received a sponsor and now is learning to give back by being a sponsor to another young man! After 8 months my son felt prepared for his next life’s journey. He learns to protect his sobriety by asking for help, by attending regular meetings, by working the 12 steps and by staying close to his sober community. Surfside teaches our sons accountability, they rebuild their self-worth and very importantly they emphasis working the 12-steps in order to successfully navigate life. This is serious business, Surfside, taught this to my son. He now has an amazing life ahead of him. I am so grateful to the staff! Keep on Keep on!
Debbie Kephart
15:21 03 Oct 19
Very grateful for ALL the support & assistance from Surfside to help our son with his recovery & the tools to manage it. It’s not a straight line or a clear path... doesn’t take everyone the same amount of time, not only for Jack but for us as a family. We appreciate the efforts of the wonderful staff to help us manage the financial and emotional stress of addiction as well. Couldn’t recommend more highly - at Surfside, it’s not a program that bandages the situation, it’s one that challenges the individual to clean the wound(s) for better sustained sobriety. ??
Kelly Mencher
12:56 10 Sep 19
I would like to thank Ian Koch and his staff for the challenging work they do at Surfside Structured Sober Living. Ian was very supportive in helping to coordinate the logistics at the beginning as well as lending emotional support throughout the time my son participated in the program. My son connected to the staff from the first day he was there. Jarred was always on top of things and readily available to discuss any concerns or issues that came up. The dedicated staff helped my son build the skills needed to navigate through the difficult times with a tough but compassionate approach. Our son has been is numerous treatment facilities over the years and we finally found a program that we were able to see lots of progress. Surfside creates a strong community of support and a path to sobriety that can be continued on after the program is completed. I am grateful that our son had the opportunity to participate in the program and I would highly recommend this program to those who are struggling with addiction.
Joanne Clarke
12:47 30 Jul 19
I have been contemplating this review for some time now. The program at Surfside saved my son’s life. He literally overdosed and, after years of being in and out of various rehab facilities, halfway houses and such, he asked to enter this program. I was actually NOT an advocate of the program initially because I didn’t think my son had the strength to complete the program. The disciplined but nurturing culture that is provided as a backdrop to a program that encourages inner reflection, action and positive forward movement actually gave my son a chance to see that life can in fact be meaningful and fulfilling. He now has a reason within himself to NOT want to return to drugs - he has a life that he doesn’t want to give up! Showing people who have never learned life skills such as writing a resume, interviewing, creating a budget and literally giving them tools to cope with the normal stresses of daily life is a HUGE part of this program. My entire family is now hopeful and encouraged about my son’s future when before we were completely resigned to the fact that he would never live a good life. I wish I had known about this program earlier and I would encourage any parent or substance abuse victim to reach out and learn more. There is NO comparable program to help young men with this serious issue.
John Schulte
12:07 25 Jul 19
I am eternally grateful for Surfside Structured Sober Living in the journey for finding help for my son! From the first contact with Ian, I was guided through with compassionate care. I didn’t have to worry about asking the right questions, it was as if Ian knew what I was going to ask before I did! They not only gave my son the immediate help he desperately needed, the staff also focused on him in all aspects of his life. Getting him to experience hard work and enjoyable times while sober was an eye opener. I never realized that he hadn’t experienced happiness, fitness and success without substances as a young man! The staff worked hand in hand with my son going through the various stages at his individual pace to merit the greatest success. I am elated to get to see my real boy be the best version of himself. It is humbling to know that they have not only helped him to start realizing his true potential, they are helping me to be the best parent I can be. These guys are the real deal and are pros at what they do! You have my humble thanks.
Jake Mahon
01:41 24 Jul 19
The clinical vision of Surfside and their philosophy towards invigorating lifestyle enhancement is inspiring. I would feel confident referring a loved one to their care knowing the message is empowering and the team, tireless and true. Thank you for providing this asset to the community of recovery.
Kim Haris
11:33 01 Jul 19
I cannot say enough about the kindness of Ian and his staff. I was provided Ian's name by a friend and he spent hours speaking with us and helped us find assistance for our son even before our son was ready to attend Surfside. Ian and his staff are extremely knowledgable and care about the Surfside residents as well as their families. My son is now nine months sober. I thank Ian and the Surfside staff for making that possible.
11:25 28 Jun 19
By a miracle and in an act of desperation we found Surfside and Ian Koch. Surfside gave our son an amazing recovery foundation, which has been extremely valuable. Surfside gave us peace of mind and encouraged our family to also get the help and treatment we so desperately needed. We are grateful to be apart of the Surfside family and highly recommend them to anyone seeking help. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Written by Gretchen Lima
Dan Smith
13:05 12 May 19
Ethical, caring, and professional. I’ve assisted many get to Surfside for sober living knowing they will receive the best care around. Great program and structure. When faced with where I would send family or clients.... Surfside is my top choice.
Matt Sherman
23:10 14 Apr 19
Surfside changed my life. I have been to up to about 12 treatment centers including residential treatment and outpatient programs. Every time I got out I was truly convinced it was going to be different and every time I went back to my old habits. I got out of prison in July of 2017 and from there to September 2017 I was in 5 inpatient treatment centers because I wanted to get sober but every time I got out I did my own thing and went back to old ways. I wasn’t allowed in any treatment center in Rhode Island so I made a phone call and got to a place in south jersey. After doing 28 days I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to go to Surfside. After arguing with my parents about going I finally decided to go and my life grew from there. Surfside taught me recovery because it is a program based on the 12 steps. Not only that, Surfside taught me how to grow and function as a man from doing a household chore to budgeting money and working full time. I was also shown how to enjoy life sober by doing great activities that kept me busy throughout the day. Because of Surfside I am able to have genuine relationships and friendships with people, I am able to be there for my family, most importantly I am able to help others that started out just as hopeless as I was. I strongly recommend this program because it saved my life as well as many other young men.
Joseph Woodfall
00:52 27 Mar 19
Surfside was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn’t have gotten and stayed sober without the structure and support of this transitional living. I’ve made amazing friends during my journey with them. This place provides so many engaging activities that keep people like me positively motivated. I would recommend this to anyone seeking long term recovery with the ability to have fun in the process.
Leslie Lumsden
19:40 23 Mar 19
Surfside is a wonderful place, my son is getting the help that he needs to stay sober and work his recovery program. I am so thankful that my son has this opportunity. Ian, Dan, and all of the other guys who work with these young men are knowledgeable and understand the disease of addiction. They are kind, loving, professional, firm, and have a passion to help these young men. Thank you all !! I highly recommend Surfside Structured Sober Living.
Gail Licata
00:47 19 Mar 19
I am so grateful to Surfside Structured Sober Living and the program they provide to their clients. I really appreciated the weekly updates Ian provided while my son was a client. As Brian worked through each phase the weekly phone call kept us up to date and informed on Brian's progress and helped to relieve some of the anxiety. Making clients accountable for the successful operation of the house, the grocery shopping,cooking,budgeting, etc really helps to provide life skills needed as the client moves to independent living. I am so pleased that the foundation of the program is rooted in the Twelve steps. I believe that the time our son spent in the program at Surfside was the turning point in his life and set him on the successful sober path he is on, one day at a time. Thanks you Ian, Nick G. and the rest of the staff at Surfside. Keep up the good work!
Seastone Media
15:18 18 Mar 19
Having worked with Surfside and it’s staff on multiple projects. We’ve been given a unique opportunity to take an up close look on the inner workings of their program. They are helping young men and they are getting better.
Tom Licata
14:59 18 Mar 19
Ian and Staff are the best!! I honestly believe that Surfside Structured Sober Living saved my son's life, their dedicated staff engages young men and puts them on the right track for a sober and productive future! My son was in and out of various aftercare programs and Surfside was able to break that cycle and now we have the young man that was raised to be a productive member of society back!!!! I cannot thank Surfside enough and pray Ian and his staff continue to keep up their phenomenal work!!!!!
Brian Licata
14:11 18 Mar 19
As someone who has been to more programs than I would care to admit, I am so grateful to Surfside and the community it has built. I have never been more at peace then I am today. Surfside provided me with a safe place to get my life back in order. It taught me how to grow up and it has enabled me to be a responsible member of my family. I show up early, do what has to be done and I do it because I want to.
Mark Crandall
23:08 17 Mar 19
When it comes to ethical, honest individuals in the treatment industry, Ian is one of a small group. His dedication for providing the best services for clients and their families is inspiring. I've known Ian for the past 11 years. Not only as a member of the recovery community but also a colleague in the treatment industry. Very few treatment providers match in real life what they have on their website, with that being said I would not hesitate to send a family member, or any client/family I was working with to Surfside Structured Sober Living. Ian and his staff are hands down at the top of the ethical standards for services providers in the treatment industry.
Madhuri Dave
13:39 04 Mar 19
I thank God and Surfside for what transformed my son from being hopeless to an active member of the society, a great human being, and a wonderful son! I have no words to express how much thankful we are as a family! Ian had a vision and everything he says in the Surfside video is 100% true! We have experienced it for the last entire 11 months! Surfside and it's staff has given us our son back! To name a few but not limited to are Brian, Jared, Dan, and of course Ian who want to thank from the bottom of out hearts! We know all other staff contributed as well and we want to thank them all! Our son knows how to live life to its fullest now! I wish Surfside the very Best in their endeavor! We are forever indebted to Surfside and its staff!
Annmarie Barry
18:06 14 Feb 19
Surfside Structured Sober Living is a kind of treatment that works ! Engaging young men in their own lives - teaching practical daily living skills. - that have been lost / thrown away , along w a strong emphasis on recovery , the 12 steps of AA And bonding as brothers in the amazing activities available ! The 3 tier program is providing a gateway to A Clean and Sober Happy Joyous and Free way of living ! Kudos to the staff , and the men who have gone thru this program and who continue to mentor the men that are in early recovery !! I am a proud family member of a recovering addict , he finally found his way , once he committed to the work at Surfside !!
Debi Alsager
17:23 14 Feb 19
I am an aunt of a former client and after many tries he came to Surfside and now he is back to being the wonderful beautiful man he was always meant to be. All because of this amazing place. THANK YOU!!!
Patrick Downes
13:54 31 Jan 19
Surfside is an incredible program. Ian and his staff have an incredible way of engaging young men on the path to recovery. I can't say enough about what they've done for my clients and their families over the years!!
Samantha DeMaio
20:15 25 Jan 19
I have worked in the field for the past 5 years. I've seen many relapses, aftercare plans, and sober livings. I've personally seen several patient's come in and out of treatment and Surfside has been the change that made those chronic relapsers achieve long term sobriety. Not only does Surfside teach its residence how to live life again but the residence learn the importance of having fun in sobriety! Surfside is an amazing supportive home that truly produces long lasting sobriety.
Andrew Beatley
21:49 12 Jan 19
Coming out of treatment, I definitely did not want to go to an extended care program. But after checking out the website and talking to Ian, I decided to give Surfside a shot. This place gave me a life worth living. I learned that I did not have to go through recovery alone, and I am now plugged into a network of guys who have my back. This place is incredible and game-changing for any young guys struggling with addiction.
Noah Roger
22:58 01 Dec 18
This place saved my life amazing staff and and amazing program director, I am so thankful to have been able to call this place my home. It's incredible what they do for people here
michael melillo
21:33 01 Dec 18
Surfside is an amazing program. I have struggled with substance abuse issues for half my life and never saw a way out until I went through Surfside. Thank you for helping me on this journey.
Linda Melillo
15:47 25 Oct 18
I had been holding both my breath & my comments until my son had successfully honored the initial 3 month commitment (completion of Phase2)he had made to Surfside. His 10+ year addiction has been an arduous & painful experience for himself & all who love him. This journey has included multiple treatment centers in all 4 corners of the country. Never, had we been fortunate enough to experience a place like Surfside. Surfside is a unique experience both for the client & his family. Owned & staffed by truly honorable men of integrity who have successfully attained sobriety, there can be no doubt that this is a true community. With their support my son has been able to begin to honor his commitments to himself & others. For the first time he has willingly immersed himself in the 12 step program & is no longer feeling hopeless. He has now committed to staying on to complete Phase3! Surfside is truly a place where all aspects of the individual (body, mind & spirit) are carefully considered, honored & nurtured. Life lessons are interwoven with strong support, and a heck of a lot of fun. I am amazed at the scope of activities that are offered as these young men learn how to celebrate a clean & sober life. They are also mentored in the attainment of skills & goals, (long neglected in the pursuit of addiction) which are necessary for a productive life. All who enter the doors at Surfside are both respected & held accountable. I can’t begin to describe what it has meant to me, as a parent, both to be kept informed of my son’s progress & to know that any concerns I might have will be listened to. Please believe this has been a unique experience in our family’s very long journey. We feel so blessed to have found our way to Surfside!
Scott Stalbaum
14:15 23 Oct 18
Surfside is a truly special place for me. Unlike other sober living programs that I’ve been in, Surfside showed me how to have fun in recovery as well as put the tools of recovery to use. They have a staff that truly cares and that only wants the best for its residents. I have been in several sober livings and halfway houses and nothing compares to how Surfside has prepared me for life in the real world. Thanks again to the staff, it truly is a special place.
neil kennedy
18:38 21 Oct 18
Surfside was exactly what I need to start my recovery. The structured environment was key to helping me rebuild my life and family and getting back to my children
Nicholas Vaughan
20:00 19 Oct 18
Surfside changed my life and helped me get my life back together. The staff is absolutely incredible, the activities always kept me busy, the house is always clean, but most importantly the inside work I was able to do on myself gave my mother her son back. Surfside taught me the tools that I will need in the real world to help me become the man my parents raised me to be. Thank you for helping me get my life back! Love you guys
Sean Atkinson
17:41 15 Oct 18
Surfside saved my life. Everything serves a purpose and at the end of the experience - the culmination of work proves to be necessary in continuing with a sober productive life.
Dave Simons
17:00 20 Sep 18
Surfside structured sober living changed my life in a way I never thought possible. I had lost all hope in ever having any type of peace and happiness in my life. After taking they're directions and following a few simple rules I now live a life of freedom and happiness. After 10 years of trails and tribulations, attempt after attempt to get sober surfside got through to me and helped me make the change I needed to live a life behind my wildest dreams.
Tyler Garson
13:09 16 Aug 18
There is no better place to turn your life around. I can say without a doubt that Surfside saved me life. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. A+ program. I couldn’t be more thankful for my time there and highly reccomed it to anyone struggling.
lynn R
22:39 21 Jul 18
We are pleased to have found Surfside. Ian and his staff provide a supportive and caring environment that allows the residents to transition back into society at their own pace while providing some piece of mind to their family members during the recovery process. The residents work on the development of some essential life skills and learn how to enjoy life again without drugs and alcohol. Ian and staff are responsive and truly invested in the recovery process of the residents. After completion of the program the young men are encouraged to stay involved with the Surfside community and continue to build the relationships they have started to develop there. There is a need for more programs like Surfside for those looking for a comprehensive approach to the recovery process.
David Megenis
21:01 05 Jun 18
As a professional in the field, it is an honor to give Surfside 5 stars. I like to refer to Surfside because I know my client is going to have a unique experience while being immersed in the 12 step process. Kudos to Surfside for recently purchasing "Camp Surfside", I large piece of land that was acquired for the sole purpose of getting the clients outside and having some fun! Thank you Ian!
Matt Blomquist
17:18 24 May 18
Surfside is a truly expectional 12 Step Based program and is a standard for what Structured Sober Living should offer. I have worked in the addiction services field for several years and can highly recommend Surfside to anyone looking for good treatment. I referred a family member of mine struggling with alcohol issues to Surfside over a year ago and he is still doing well today. The compassion, professionalism, and services offered at Surfside, truly provide their clients with the real tools needed for long term recovery.
Sagar Dave
15:46 06 May 18
I am currently attending this institution and it has provided me with a very structured life. I need the structure so I could build a strong foundation for my recovery. I have been provided all the tools for a strong recovery at Surfside and I hope to continue my life in a positive way in sobriety. I highly recommend this place if you are serious about recovery.
Timmy O’Reilly
00:32 02 May 18
Surfside was a place I went to after treatment without knowing anything about it, I thought it’s name sounded good so I went with it. What I didn’t know is what would come in the coming months(4). It’s a house full of young guys with different backgrounds coming together to work for one common goal. The combination of morning step Work(that took me through the 12 steps), sponsorship from recommended alumni, the various activities that bring the house together, and the house comraderey, set the tone for how and what I need to do in my recovery to stay sober. It’s a place where you can gain so much with hard work and a proper attitude. This structured way of approaching addiction worked for me thus far and it has given me the tools to continue to succeed in life after Surfside.
Lynne Sherman
15:48 27 Apr 18
I am so happy that my son is able to be at Surfside Structured Sober Living. Ian Koch and his staff are wonderful people. They held true to their word and kept me updated on my son's progress from Phase 1 all the way through to Phase 4. These young men need the life skills they are being taught-how to budget money, work the 12 step program, be responsible for chores and cooking. As they advance through the phases, they earn a little more independence. My son went to RCA in Mays Landing, NJ from there to Brace Bridge Hall in MD, and now resides at Surfside. He has nearly 7 months of sobriety and has progressed quickly through the phases. I am so proud of him and truly do not know where he would be in his life right now without Surfside. I highly recommend this facility because not only is my son now sober and alive, he has a whole sober network of friends and has learned many valuable life skills. It is important that these men learn to live without drugs and alcohol and that activities can be fun. Don't let your son trade his life in for drugs and alcohol, send him to Surfside. To my son this is a second family. Thank you so much to Ian, John P., Jared S., and all others at Surfside. HE couldn't have done it without you. Remember "One day at a time". Sincerely, Lynne
Nicholas Geissler
19:16 18 Mar 18
I am forever grateful to have gone through Surfside. The staff was extremely helpful in my early recovery, meeting me where I was at. Its life development program helped improve all areas of my life. I learned how to actually budget money, cook and clean (properly). I was introduced to a 12 step fellowship and a spiritual way of living. While living at Surfside I found a few new hobbies, like kayaking and paddle boarding. Lastly, Surfside gave me the opportunity to improve relationships, especially with my family.
Fred Geissler
15:06 01 Feb 18
Surfside provides the help and guidance for individuals who are looking to rid themselves of the burden of addiction. A structured program helps the individuals to understand that there is life after addiction. The owner and staff do a great job in making this new beginning a reality. I highly recommend this program.
Kevin Garbie
14:34 21 Jan 18
When all hope was lost and it appeared as though I had no options, Ian and the Surfside Staff were available to take me into their home and help me on my journey. The program offers not only the tools for recovery but also the skills to living a sober life. Along the way of learning how to live a sober life; Surfside is structured in a way to remind everyone that life is fun, enjoy it, one day at a time. Even after moving out of Surfside the staff (and residents) continue to be a part of my life, as they have become an extended family to me. I would recommend Surfside to any young man that is seeking the "extra" help and support on the journey to recovery.
Cindy M
22:31 18 Jan 18
We looked at Surfside as an option for our son who ultimately chose not to enter a residential program. We looked at several options and Ian was by far the best person we talked to. He returned calls promptly and was willing to spend as much time with us on the phone as we needed. He was genuine and did not give us a hard sell like some other places we looked at. His passion for and dedication to supporting the recovery of others is clear.
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