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The chronic, relapsing nature of Substance Use Disorders can be disheartening for everyone: families, friends, employers, treatment/medical providers and, of course, the person struggling. While there are many adults with addiction who are still able to work and provide for their families, we find many young adults with substance use disorder lack some of the life skills necessary to be happy, healthy and self-sufficient.  A men’s sober living is a great launchpad for someone to move towards independence while still living in a supportive space that emphasizes accountability and personal responsibility.

“Life skills” are a broad term, so we want to focus on a few key skills that a men’s sober living can offer someone in early recovery.  Not only does a sober living provide a safe space for someone to live free of mind or mood-altering substances, but it encourages collaboration, responsibility and attention to detail.  For example, this shared living space requires a resident to be conscious of their actions: washing dishes vs. leaving them in the sink (taking action NOW rather than later), communicating respectfully with people you live with (managing chores) and prioritizing recovery.  House rules at a men’s sober living typically require attendance at a recovery-oriented meeting (often 12-step), which forces residents to start building addiction recovery into their daily life, even as they begin to work or volunteer in the community.  

Surfside is a young adult men’s sober living in Ventnor, NJ with a clear focus: to walk men in early recovery towards a meaningful, self-sufficient life by teaching valuable life skills.  When we talk about being “happily and usefully whole,” we envision a clear mind, healthy body, and life of purpose.  Our program’s rigorous structure, case management, family involvement and adventure-based programming makes us a unique men’s sober living community.  We have a super-charged program for developing life skills, which includes resume-building, mock interviews, meal prep & cooking, and more.  

Why does Surfside feel the need to emphasize life skills? There are a few reasons.  First, we can reference endless studies that reveal mood is directly linked to the foods we consume. Many of our residents have been in a less structured men’s sober living in the past, where their typical meal included a Redbull and a Wawa hoagie – delicious perhaps, but not great for one’s budget or physical health.  Our focus on resume building and mock interviews helps people account for gaps in their work history (often when they were in treatment or active addiction) without feeling shame or anxiety.  Our belief is that a men’s sober living should give people the tools to pass through this phase of their life into a life in recovery that is filled with meaning and joy.

For more information regarding our young adult men’s sober living & life development program, please feel free to reach out to our Executive Director Ian Koch at 609-709-4205.