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Structured Sober Living: An Action-Driven Alternative to Prisons and Institutions

It’s no surprise to anyone that substance abuse is often linked to crime, but years of statistical research beach walk Structured Sober Livingreveal that jails and prisons are almost completely ineffective in providing the necessary change that a well-managed structured sober living program can inspire. As the addiction epidemic rapidly spreads throughout the United States, families nationwide are beginning to recognize that throwing a person in jail for drug-use offenses does not provide rehabilitation and fear of incarceration does not minimize substance abuse. Research from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) finds that 65% of inmates meet the diagnostic criteria for a substance abuse disorder, while only 11% of those inmates have access to treatment. And because substance abuse disorders don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, wealthy, middle-class, or struggling to make ends meet, families across the nation are asserting that their loved ones need addiction treatment, not harsh punishment. So what’s the benefit of treatment and aftercare (such as Structured Sober Living) versus incarceration? Let’s take a look…

CASA is consistently analyzing numbers, which means they rely on statistics rather than emotions. And the numbers show that if a single inmate was provided with treatment and aftercare and stayed sober, the United States would save $90,953 per year. Let’s face it – housing inmates isn’t cheap, nor has it effectively treated addiction. On the flip side, statistics reveal a significant relationship between a person who received treatment and aftercare and maintaining sobriety. At Surfside Structured Sober Living, we believe that a structured, phased program encourages recovering addicts to set and meet measurable goals. Fear does not keep addicts clean. If it did, we wouldn’t be watching them die on a daily basis. But a structured, supportive environment contributes to recovery, especially when they are surrounded by a network of people rooting for their success.

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