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At Surfside Structured Sober Living, participation in community service activities is critical to graduation from each phase of our sober living program.  Every aspect of the Surfside program was created with intention, and we are adamant that community service in sober living is transformational.  Here’s a bit of insight into the role that community service in sober living can play in a person’s recovery:

  • Community Service allows a person to add valuable skills to their resume.  At Surfside Structured Sober Living, we work exclusively with young adult men (18-35), many of whom have been struggling with substance use disorder for a significant period of time.  Because of this, we believe that incorporating community service into their life can enhance their resume, especially if there are gaps in employment that one may need to account for in a job interview.  For example, residents that assist with cleaning Saltwater Athletics (the CrossFit gym where our residents workout 6 days a week) are able to speak about their experience maintaining equipment, collaborating on projects, creating a system to improve the cleaning process, and more.
  • Community Service broadens our worldview.  A community service project like a beach clean-up enables our residents to very clearly see the impact that our behavior has on the community.  Tossing a cigarette on the ground is often a thoughtless act – most folks wouldn’t even consider this to be littering.  But a beach clean-up that includes picking up dozens of cigarette butts reveals that every action has a ripple effect.  What seems like a small act of littering contributes to massive pollution in the community where we live.  These activities force us to become more mindful of our actions!
  • We think of ourselves less. We learn in recovery that one of the best ways to stop focusing on our own problems is to speak to someone else, because we start to realize that everyone has personal challenges.  Community service allows us to step back from the problems that we’re ultra focused on in our own lives and think of others for a period of time.
  • Community service means community building. For the guys at Surfside Structured Sober Living, community service is also another opportunity to build community with one another.  By volunteering together, they’re able to forge deeper bonds.  Studies show that experiences we share with others are often more memorable and more powerful than things we do completely alone.  Building memories AND taking positive action at the same time can be incredibly powerful in early recovery from addiction.  These are the moments that allow us to look back and see how much we’re changing.


The team at Surfside is consistently amazed by the change that takes place in our residents.  For more information about Surfside and our goal-oriented program, feel free to contact our Executive Director: