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Addiction Treatment During the Coronavirus: We are Here and Ready to Help

Amidst one of the worst public health crises the world has seen, a certain population is at risk more than some might think: recovering alcoholics and addicts. As we know, addiction is a disease of disconnection.  Through isolation and separation from our fellow man, alcoholics and addicts seek connection with something, which unfortunately comes in the form of alcohol or drugs. As the COVID-19 epidemic continues, and mandatory stay-at-home-orders are in effect, individuals in recovery and active addiction are playing the game with one arm tied behind their back. How can these people be helped? Well, throughout the chaos, addiction treatment centers remain open, and on the frontlines, in the fight against substance abuse. While others are home, addiction specialists, counselors, and nurses stay in the fight to provide adequate addiction treatment during the coronavirus.

Treatment facilities have been adapting during these changing times, while at the same time holding onto their same core services. Programs such as of Recovery Centers of America allow counselors and therapists to interact with patients via conference video calls.  Group discussions are sometimes available as well.

Addiction treatment programs that offer housing, such as inpatient facilities and PHP with housing programs, continue to treat residents, albeit with some limitations. Typically, residents are to remain in their appointed buildings, or floors for that matter, under any and all circumstances. The treatment facility will provide each building or floor with its own resident nurse to administer medications and monitor patients, food supply, and extra curricular activities. Programs seek to strike a balance between necessary quarantine while also maintaining some form of connection and community throughout the facility.

For individuals currently in active addiction, the resources are still available for adequate addiction treatment during the Coronavirus.  Admission call centers are still taking calls around the clock, and inpatient facilities still offer screening, sometimes through video calls.

Throughout the addiction world, the conversation centers around how the COVID-19 crisis will effect individuals seeking treatment. There is no doubt that the monotony of quarantine-life can take a toll on an individual’s mental health; the isolation, boredom, and disconnection could make any sane person slowly start to crack. However, those with substance abuse issues will be forced to a corner with their backs against the wall. Endless days of binge drinking or getting high, with no job or support to keep them accountable, could put the final dagger in an otherwise winless fight that is addiction.

Just because the world has shut down… addiction has not. The fight against substance abuse is very much in full swing, perhaps even more so.  Many anticipate a strong spike in the cases of active opioid and alcohol addiction across the US. The hope is that we see the same sharp spike in the number of individuals that seek help. And remember, it is still very much possible to find adequate addiction treatment during the Coronavirus shutdown. The warriors on the frontline- therapists, nurses, and program operators- are standing by ready to help you in this fight.

Help is just one phone call away. Surfside’s Executive Director is ready and available for your call to point you in the right direction for treatment services.