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Addiction Endangers the Lives of Everyone- Even Innocent Children

The opioid addiction epidemic has completely engulfed the United States.  Seemingly every week U.S. officials are seizing large amount of narcotics crossing the border.  Addicts from all walks of life are drowning deeper into the disease of addiction. On Wednesday, active addiction endangered the lives of many innocent bystanders.

A bus driver in Newark, NJ overdosed on heroin while transporting 12 special needs children from school.  As she lost consciousness, the bus crashed into a tree at 14th Avenue and Jones Street.  As first responders arrived at the scene, they were able to revive the driver with Narcan, as she still clutched the bag of heroin in her hand. Thankfully, all 12 children on the bus were reportedly fine and sustained no injuries.

Following the incident, Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose chimed in on the plague that is opioid addiction. “I know it is an epidemic,” Ambrose added, “but it’s also a sickness.”

To many in the public, addiction is often seen as a choice.  But we must ask ourselves an honest question: do we believe the driver would have chosen to endanger the lives of 12 innocent children? Or was she overcome by an obsession beyond her control for temporary relief from her disease?

This problem is affecting everyone. Our own Executive Director, prior to getting sober, worked full time at a day care. Unfortunately he was using on a regular basis while taking care of 3-5yo kids. Although this is not one of his prouder movements, he was able to recover and has gone on to help others. The reality of addiction is that there are 3 basic options. The first is that you drag across the bottom endlessly, this includes going to jail. The second is that you die. And third and best is that you get sober.

Sobriety really is the best option and is available for anyone. The important piece for families and professionals is working when the iron is hot. Many times a positive experience in recovery, regardless of a relapse, can be captured and built upon. Hope is available for anyone.

Addiction Endangers the Lives of Everyone. If you know someone that is struggling from addiction please reach out for help 6097094205.