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Addiction and Recovery Information

Please enjoy our page. Here you will find what we believe to be some well balanced addiction and recovery information. The content is for people and families suffering from addiction looking for recovery. Hope is available. If you need help personally please CLICK HERE.

Fostering Motivation in Structured Sober Living

Structured Sober Living: Programming to Foster Motivation At Surfside Structured Sober Living, people often hear about our services and immediately ask how we differ from the typical halfway house, sober house or Oxford house.  When people hear the world “structured,”... read more

12-Step Recovery and Prayer is Evidence Based Practice

Scientists Examine Brain Images of Alcoholics in Recovery Using Prayer to Reduce Cravings Often addiction treatment providers boast their use of “evidence-based treatment,” which often emphasizes the use of a 12-step recovery model of addiction recovery.  And while... read more

Cost of Addiction Treatment

Know the potential cost of addiction treatment The professionals at Surfside Structured Sober Living recognize that addiction is an illness that impacts the addict and their loved ones mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially; the cost of... read more

The “Addiction Treatment” Scam Pt. 3

Quality Addiction Treatment is available! So now we get down to the looming question in this article: What exactly does someone who knows nothing need to know?  The treatment world has many options for addicts and alcoholics in need of help.  For every shady... read more

The “Addiction Treatment Scam” pt. 2

A Birdseye view from some providers regarding the problem in Addiction Treatment. While scrolling through Facebook, I recently saw one of my acquaintances post a heated status.  Anthony Curci, owner of Philadelphia sober living, wrote “For the past few months, I have... read more

The “Addiction Treatment” Scam pt. 1

Addiction Treatment is not always “treatment” The addiction crisis worsens with no end in sight.  As drug companies continue to release new medications, addicts continue to find new ways to abuse them.  Alcohol is still one of the most deadly substances... read more

Jersey Shore Sober Living: Recovery is Close to Home

Jersey Shore Sober Living offers recovery close to home. The media’s frequent coverage of the heroin crisis sweeping the Jersey Shore touches on the horrors of substance abuse, but often overlooks an immense recovery network housed in New Jersey, ranging from... read more

The Recovery House: A Useful Tool for Sober Living

What is a Recovery House? The terms “Recovery House,” “Sober Living” or “Sober House” are often used interchangeably, and while there can be a number of variations in the way the houses operate, they are undoubtedly a useful tool in early recovery.  For many folks in... read more

New Jersey Sober House

New Jersey Sober House – A Safe Living Environment in a State Riddled with Substance Abuse At Surfside Structured Sober Living, we are constantly referencing statistics, particularly because statistics from national organizations give us the ability to... read more

The Facebook Obituaries

Ian Koch MS LCADC CAS, founder of Surfside Structured Sober Living, recently wrote a heartfelt article for SoberNation, “I’m Sick of Reading Obituaries on Facebook.”  One of the greatest tragedies of drug overdose deaths in America is that they occur so frequently, we... read more

How can Structured Sober Living Help?

Overdose Now Deadlier than Traffic Accidents: How Structured Sober Living Can Help At Surfside Structured Sober Living, we take the addiction epidemic seriously and are thrilled to work alongside activists, passionate about reducing overdose deaths and ending stigma... read more

Heroin = Death , Addiction Treatment = Life

Heroin addiction in New Jersey Killing Young People / Addiction Treatment Gives Life A review of opiate addiction and overdose statistics reveals that the state of New Jersey (and our entire nation) is in serious trouble, and addiction treatment is clearly necessary... read more

How a NJ Sober House can Strengthen your Addiction Recovery

Ever think about using a NJ sober house? Has anyone ever mentioned an NJ Sober House to you as you’ve searched for more information about addiction treatment?  Because sober houses are rarely covered by insurance, many people are unaware of the benefits of living in a... read more

NJ Sober Living | Preventing Death

The Drug Overdose Epidemic: How NJ Sober Living options can help Drug deaths are rising rapidly in New Jersey and throughout the country, with increasing numbers of people seeking NJ sober living as one of many options for recovery.  While deaths from prescription... read more

Families Uniting to Confront Addiction in New Jersey

Strength in Numbers: Fighting Addiction in New Jersey When confronting the epidemic of addiction in New Jersey, often people advocate for “strength in numbers,” suggesting that our communities are more responsive to large numbers of people speaking up about the... read more