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Addiction and Recovery Information

Please enjoy our page. Here you will find what we believe to be some well balanced addiction and recovery information. The content is for people and families suffering from addiction looking for recovery. Hope is available. If you need help personally please CLICK HERE.

Supporting Recovery vs. Enabling Addiction

As a parent, how do you know if you are supporting recovery as opposed to enabling addiction? Enabling has become a dirty word amongst families whose loved ones are struggling with addiction and seeking recovery. The goal to support rather than enable a loved one has... read more

Living in Sober Living

Aftercare Options – Choosing Sober Living When addict/alcoholic is approaching their discharge from some form of inpatient addiction treatment and the topic of aftercare arises why would someone pick going to sober living? With aftercare comes outpatient,... read more

Types of Sober Living

Sober Living has Different Forms The first type of sober living I attempted as an eighteen-year-old. I had been discharged from a detoxification unit and entered a six-bedroom home containing approximately twenty-five men of all ages. There were no urine samples... read more

Benefits of Sober Living

When leaving addiction treatment which way will you go: Home or Sober Living? There are benefits which come along with sober living as opposed to discharging from treatment and returning to one’s primary residence.  There are three main points to expand on. Firstly,... read more

Structured Sober Living during the Opioid Crisis

To say that the country faces a dilemma with regard to the opioid crisis is an understatement. A more appropriate description of the scenario would be to say that we are losing a generation. Unfortunately, each year the number of overdose deaths continues to climb. In... read more

What is really needed: an Overhaul in Sober Living Homes

Sober Living Homes in NJ need an overhaul | Time for a change As the nation is facing an epidemic what do sober living homes in NJ and other states really need? During an unrelenting and outright decimation of an entire generation. This concept is overwhelming when it... read more

Living in Recovery

Recovery from addiction is more then just not using. Let us compare abstinance versus living in recovery. An average young person, non-substance abuser, applies the lessons they have learned throughout school and during their teen years into young adulthood. They may... read more

Working in Sober Living

Working in Sober Living In my early days of working in sober living, I anticipated the glamour of “saving lives”. Young men would enter, and I imagined I would aid in transforming their life by the end of their stay. This illusion, however, was soon smashed when I... read more

CrossFit and Addiction Recovery

Striving to Change Addiction Recovery Surfside is continually expanding the services we offer our residents in an effort to provide the most comprehensive extended care sober living, focusing on options that will allow men to experience life at its fullest. Over the... read more

What is Sober Living?

What is Sober Living and are There Benefits? We may hear people discuss “sober living,” but it’s critical that we understand benefits of utilizing this essential recovery resource.  The reality is that sober living can be incredibly beneficial to recovering alcoholics... read more

The Courage to Change

The Real Deal on Change  By Josh Glawe, L.C.S.W Personally and professionally, I have put tremendous time and thought into helping those who successfully make a lasting change in their lives. I often hear of people who have sought help to make one change or another,... read more

If 28 days in Addiction Treatment Doesn’t Seem to Work

Re-thinking the Landscape of Addiction Treatment.  The Analogy of Addiction Treatment: Addiction treatment is not always treatment.  Common definitions of treatment include “medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury,” “a session of medical care,” or... read more

Step 2 – The missing link in sober living in New Jersey

Imagine asking a 14 year old to shop for and cook Thanksgiving dinner completely by himself/herself. I can assume that somewhere between selecting recipes, trying to figure out how to physically get to the grocery store and making grandma’s homemade stuffing, they may... read more

Steps Don’t Work

The Steps Don’t work, we use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Wait, WHAT??!!!?! I recently spoke to a few treatment centers and therapists who have made bold statements like, “The 12 steps don’t work, but have you considered using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy... read more

Cell Phones: The downfall of 12-step recovery

I often wonder what 12-step recovery would be like if during the start, Bill Wilson had an iPhone. With addiction rampant in younger generations, treatment centers pushing folks to 12-step recovery like never before and the recovery statistics not changing; is the... read more

Fostering Motivation in Structured Sober Living

Structured Sober Living: Programming to Foster Motivation At Surfside Structured Sober Living, people often hear about our services and immediately ask how we differ from the typical halfway house, sober house or Oxford house.  When people hear the world “structured,”... read more

12-Step Recovery and Prayer is Evidence Based Practice

Scientists Examine Brain Images of Alcoholics in Recovery Using Prayer to Reduce Cravings Often addiction treatment providers boast their use of “evidence-based treatment,” which often emphasizes the use of a 12-step recovery model of addiction recovery.  And while... read more

Cost of Addiction Treatment

Know the potential cost of addiction treatment The professionals at Surfside Structured Sober Living recognize that addiction is an illness that impacts the addict and their loved ones mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially; the cost of... read more

The “Addiction Treatment” Scam Pt. 3

Quality Addiction Treatment is available! So now we get down to the looming question in this article: What exactly does someone who knows nothing need to know?  The treatment world has many options for addicts and alcoholics in need of help.  For every shady... read more

The “Addiction Treatment Scam” pt. 2

A Birdseye view from some providers regarding the problem in Addiction Treatment. While scrolling through Facebook, I recently saw one of my acquaintances post a heated status.  Anthony Curci, owner of Philadelphia sober living, wrote “For the past few months, I have... read more