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Addiction and Recovery Information

Please enjoy our page. Here you will find what we believe to be some well balanced addiction and recovery information. The content is for people and families suffering from addiction looking for recovery. Hope is available. If you need help personally please CLICK HERE.

The Mother of an Addict: Insight From a Surfside Mom

The Mother of an Addict A mother’s love for her son. There are few bonds as strong as the connection between a mother and her son.  When you are a mother of an addict, that love can be tested; but it does not fade away.  That can be said for the entire Surfside... read more

This Is Why We Work | September 2019

Surfside Structured Sober Living Alumni Spotlight- September 2019 Wow! What an incredible summer here at Surfside Structured Sober Living.  Our residents have experienced a multitude of exciting and challenging activities all along the east coast.  From camping in the... read more

Lost on the Path to Recovery? Try Google Maps

Google Maps And Recovery Resources What a world we live in in 2019.  All of the information we need can be accessed in seconds via a quick swipe across screen or a simple question to Siri.  With immersive technology comes the good and the bad, but it cannot be argued... read more

Angels and Demons: Tyler Skaggs Cause of Death Released

Tyler Skaggs Cause of Death Revealed On July 1st, authorities found Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs dead in his hotel room.  The team resided in a hotel is Southlake, Texas while on a road trip to play the Texas Rangers.  In the weeks after his death,... read more

PSA to Parents: Be on the Lookout for Kratom

Kratom: The Drug You’ve Never Heard Of Before Addicts and alcoholics are smart, resourceful, and manipulative.  If our drug of choice is taken from us, we will find another way to get what we need unless presented with a real solution.  If we are subjected to... read more

Active Recovery in Addiction Treatment

New-Look Addiction Treatment Adapt or Die. A statement as old as time that has now become a driving force in the ever-emerging addiction treatment arena. When you think of addiction treatment, many of you probably imagine an all-white room with flickering industrial... read more

The Addiction Industry: A Dangerous Cycle

A Commodity in the Addiction Industry You’ve seen him before.  The guy standing at the corner of the parking lot with ragged clothes, rustled hair, and scrungy skin.  He has two bags laid next to him that contain all of his possessions. A few feet away rests two... read more

This is Why We Work | July 2019

Surfside Alumni Spotlight July 2019 Is it seriously already July? We hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying the beautiful weather. If you have a few minutes, check out July’s Edition of the Surfside Alumni Spotlight. This month, you will hear the story of... read more

Struggling To Get The Day Going? We Have Some Morning Tips

Do you find yourself struggling to get through the day? We aren’t talking about sobriety, but just every day life stuff?  Are your previous morning tips just not cutting it anymore? Surely you have seen the “Make Your Bed” speech by Admiral William H. McRaven.  This... read more

This Is Why We Work | June 2019

June 2019 Sober Living Alumni Summer is finally here! That means it’s time for the June Edition of the Surfside Alumni Spotlight. This month, we will meet Jordon S. and follow his journey from addiction to recovery as a sober living alumni. Enjoy! Jordon grew up on... read more

Having Fun in Recovery: It’s Not Just Bowling Anymore

Struggling to Have Fun in Recovery? Getting sober young is not easy.  Many young people phase out of early recovery because they simply cannot accept a new way of life.  A critical obstacle in getting sober young is the delusion that one cannot have any fun without... read more

NJ Offering Free Narcan in June

Free Narcan on June 18th In response to the ongoing opioid epidemic, the New Jersey Department of Human Services announced that NJ residents will be able to obtain free Narcan at participating pharmacies. On June 18th, individuals can receive one dose on a... read more

This is Why We Work | May 2019

Kyle P. and His Recovery from Addiction In this month’s issue of the Alumni Spotlight, we will learn more about Kyle P. and his journey to recovery.  Surfside played a monumental role in changing his life. Check out his story below! Kyle began as an avid marijuana... read more

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Fentanyl Seized in Florida

More News Regarding Fentanyl As we continue to cover the opioid epidemic, law enforcement officials and the general public achieved a huge victory last week in Florida. In Brevard County, police issued arrest warrants for over 100 individuals and successfully... read more

A New Perspective on Heroin Addiction

What Causes Heroin Addiction?   It’s obvious right? It must be heroin!  Our entire narrative for heroin addiction is based on the fact that it is addictive. What does that mean?   Let’s break it down at its most basic level.  There are chemicals in heroin that hook to... read more

This is why we work | April 2019

Why we do the things we do… In this month’s edition of the Alumni Spotlight, we take a look at the story of Ryan N. and his path to recovery! Ryan began drinking at the age of 16 with a couple of buddies. To him, it was nothing out of the ordinary- just a bunch... read more

This is why we work | March 2019

Sober living Works – The story of Noah. Addiction continues to devastate our towns and divides our families. Our belief is that sober living works if coupled with the appropriate staff and provides a supportive environment where recovery can begin. So many of... read more