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Addiction and Recovery Information

Please enjoy our page. Here you will find what we believe to be some well balanced addiction and recovery information. The content is for people and families suffering from addiction looking for recovery. Hope is available. If you need help personally please CLICK HERE.

This is Why We Work | March 2020

Sober Living Alumni: Aidan B. Not the best of times around the world, but Surfside is still moving forward in our mission to help young men recover from addiction. We hope everyone in our community is safe, healthy, and hopeful that this too shall pass. Surfside will... read more

Philadelphia Opioid Pill Mill Busted

Four Arrested in Latest Philadelphia Opioid Pill Mill Late last week, four individuals were arrested in a two-year long Philadelphia opioid pill mill operation. Among the bunch were two doctors, who would write prescriptions in the names of individuals that... read more

Quarantined and In Recovery? We Got You Covered

New Jersey Shutdown; What Do We Do? As you may have heard, Governor Murphy instituted a mandatory lockdown for the state of New Jersey in response to the Coronavirus spread. If you are in addiction recovery, the news might bring mixed emotions. Maybe you are looking... read more

This is Why We Work | Februrary 2020

Addiction Recovery Success Story: Surfside Structured Sober Living We hope everyone is having an awesome start to the New Year! We have some exciting new projects in the works at Surfside… be sure to check out this month’s newsletter with all of the... read more

This is Why We Work | January 2020

Addiction Recovery Success Story from NYC A Happy New Year from all of us here at Surfside! We are looking forward to another successful year of helping young men in their journey to recovery from addiction.  Let’s kick off the year with an incredible addiction... read more

This is Why We Work | Sober Living Alumni | November 2019

Sober Living Alumni Spotlight A very, very Happy Thanksgiving to our entire Surfside family! During this holiday season, we reflect on just how grateful we are for the Surfside community and how much it has grown over the last few years.  All of your unwavering... read more

Meth Related Overdoses on the Rise, Report Says

Fentanyl Remains Top-Dog, but Meth Related Overdoses Surge The opioid epidemic has claimed the lives of thousands of sick and suffering addicts over the past several years.  As we have seen over the past few months, fentanyl has been the leading culprit in the... read more

NFL and Drug Addiction: Darren’s Story

NFL and Drug Addiction: Darren Waller If you are an avid football fan or fantasy football guru, the name Darren Waller might ring a bell. At a relatively thin tight end position, the Oakland Raider has nearly eclipsed the 500 receiving yard mark at the midway point of... read more

$260 Million Settlement in Federal Opioid Trial

Settlement Reached Prior to First Federal Opioid Trial The opioid epidemic has claimed the lives of over 400,000 Americans in the past twenty years. Earlier this morning, Cuyahoga and Summit counties agreed to a tentative settlement against drug makers and... read more

This is Why We Work | Sober Living Alumni | October 2019

October 2019 Sober Living Alumni Spotlight The sweet, sweet smell of Fall.  It’s time to curl up in front of the fire with your blanket and hot tea to enjoy another edition of the Surfside Alumni Spotlight. In this month’s issue, we sat down with a former... read more

The Mother of an Addict: Insight From a Surfside Mom

The Mother of an Addict A mother’s love for her son. There are few bonds as strong as the connection between a mother and her son.  When you are a mother of an addict, that love can be tested; but it does not fade away.  That can be said for the entire Surfside... read more

This Is Why We Work | September 2019

Surfside Structured Sober Living Alumni Spotlight- September 2019 Wow! What an incredible summer here at Surfside Structured Sober Living.  Our residents have experienced a multitude of exciting and challenging activities all along the east coast.  From camping in the... read more

Lost on the Path to Recovery? Try Google Maps

Google Maps And Recovery Resources What a world we live in in 2019.  All of the information we need can be accessed in seconds via a quick swipe across screen or a simple question to Siri.  With immersive technology comes the good and the bad, but it cannot be argued... read more

Angels and Demons: Tyler Skaggs Cause of Death Released

Tyler Skaggs Cause of Death Revealed On July 1st, authorities found Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs dead in his hotel room.  The team resided in a hotel is Southlake, Texas while on a road trip to play the Texas Rangers.  In the weeks after his death,... read more

PSA to Parents: Be on the Lookout for Kratom

Kratom: The Drug You’ve Never Heard Of Before Addicts and alcoholics are smart, resourceful, and manipulative.  If our drug of choice is taken from us, we will find another way to get what we need unless presented with a real solution.  If we are subjected to... read more

Active Recovery in Addiction Treatment

New-Look Addiction Treatment Adapt or Die. A statement as old as time that has now become a driving force in the ever-emerging addiction treatment arena. When you think of addiction treatment, many of you probably imagine an all-white room with flickering industrial... read more