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Addiction and Recovery Information

Please enjoy our page. Here you will find what we believe to be some well balanced addiction and recovery information. The content is for people and families suffering from addiction looking for recovery. Hope is available. If you need help personally please CLICK HERE.

This is Why We Work | July 2020

Surfside Structured Sober Living Alumni: Marcus I. Throughout the entirety of COVID-19, sober living homes in New Jersey have encountered an entirely different set of challenges while helping residents achieve long term recovery. In addition to the commonplace issues... read more

Overdose Cases on the Rise Amid State Budget Cuts

Overdose Cases on the Rise During Covid-19. Yet States are Slashing Budgets for Addiction Services. We have covered the potential consequences for individuals in recovery as a result of Covid-19 and the subsequent quarantine/social distancing regulations.... read more

Heartbreak in Recovery

Heartbreak in Recovery Ah, love. One of the most complex sentiments of human connection that is so difficult to quantify into words. Love can create wonderful memories with those around us; it can align our life with someone else; it allows us to get outside of... read more

This is Why We Work June 2020

This is Why We Work June 2020 Can you feel it? Can you finally feel that sunshine? SUMMER IS HERE. We hope you are just as excited as all of us at Surfside that it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy some summer rays. While we are still cautious in regard to... read more

Signs of Addiction: Is Your Loved One Struggling?

Signs of Addiction Unordinary Sleep Schedule: Addicts and alcoholics seek an escape from life. As the rest of the world continues with normal day-to-day activities, those struggling with addiction crave relief and complete withdrawal from those around them. Many young... read more

Spirituality for Young People in Recovery

Spirituality for Young People in Recovery When you hear the word, alcoholism, many of you might picture an old man, grumpy and angry at the world, who enjoys sipping on a bottle of gin all day. Or perhaps you imagine a long-haired, unkempt homeless man begging for a... read more

Suicide Prevention Training: Addiction and Suicide

Mandated Suicide Prevention Training Earlier this year, the New Jersey General Assembly unanimously passed a bill mandating applicants for a variety of Clinical Mental Health Licensure, including alcohol and drug counselors, to receive suicide prevention training.... read more

Overdose Prevention: Prescribed Narcan

New Mandate Calls for Prescribed Narcan In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, alcoholics and addicts in active addiction have been sequestered into a much more delicate and dangerous situation. Increased isolation, lack of employment, and limited interaction with a... read more

Setting Goals in Addiction Recovery: Be SMART!

Setting Goals in Addiction Recovery Have you ever set a goal in your life? Or sat down and wrote out a list of tasks you wanted to accomplish? As a newly sober man or woman, have you ever considered some goals in addiction recovery? As it often turns out, our list of... read more

How to Stay Sober on Memorial Day Weekend

How Can I Stay Sober on Memorial Day Weekend? Memorial Day Weekend might look a bit different this year (shoutout Coronavirus), but as the quarantine restrictions continue to fade, the parties and family gatherings have started to resurface. We know that holidays and... read more

This is Why We Work May 2020

Sober Living Alumni: Mike K. Going crazy yet? Do not fear… it appears that the light at the end of the tunnel is drawing closer. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, physically and mentally. We are in the (presumably) home stretch of this whole crisis,... read more

Does Meditation Work? Pay Attention

Does Meditation Work? For all you fitness lovers who are regulars at the local gym… what is the purpose of training your muscles? To get them stronger, obviously. Consistent work and repeated discipline at the gym will give you the physical prowess and sculpted... read more

Friday Night Insight: A Young Father in Recovery

A Young Father in Recovery My heart beats out of my chest. My breathing becomes heavy.  My hands tremble.  I sit here a sober man trying to gather my thoughts and eventually put pen to paper.  I can feel the fear and anxiety as I attempt to look into the deep dungeons... read more

Friday Night Insight: From the Darkness to the Light

In the first ever edition of Friday Night Insight, a Surfside staff member travels deep into his mind to reflect on his active addiction, and how he finally found the light in the midst of never-ending darkness. From the Darkness to the Light As a young man in... read more

An Athlete in Recovery: Adopting a New Mindset

An Athlete in Recovery You have to surrender. Admit defeat. You lost. Some difficult words to hear for an athlete in recovery. In the competitive world of sports, athletes are groomed, and somewhat programmed, to adopt a mindset that is conducive to consistent... read more

From Addiction Treatment to Quarantine: What Do I Do??

Making the Transition from Addiction Treatment to Life in Quarantine If you or a loved one is in addiction treatment, or nearly ready for discharge, you may feel uneasy about reentering into this new life we find ourselves in. There is no doubt, things have changed as... read more

This is Why We Work | April 2020

Surfside Alumni Spotlight Addiction Recovery Story We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these hectic times. For those of you in recovery, we know that the COVID-19 crisis has brought its fair share of challenges. But do not fret, recovery is still... read more

Long Term Addiction Treatment: What to Expect

What is Long Term Addiction Treatment? Long term addiction treatment is a resource that comes in many forms. There are very few actual “long term addiction treatment” facilities that offer extended daily clinical services, but there are programs that offer... read more

This is Why We Work | March 2020

Sober Living Alumni: Aidan B. Not the best of times around the world, but Surfside is still moving forward in our mission to help young men recover from addiction. We hope everyone in our community is safe, healthy, and hopeful that this too shall pass. Surfside will... read more

Philadelphia Opioid Pill Mill Busted

Four Arrested in Latest Philadelphia Opioid Pill Mill Late last week, four individuals were arrested in a two-year long Philadelphia opioid pill mill operation. Among the bunch were two doctors, who would write prescriptions in the names of individuals that... read more

Quarantined and In Recovery? We Got You Covered

New Jersey Shutdown; What Do We Do? As you may have heard, Governor Murphy instituted a mandatory lockdown for the state of New Jersey in response to the Coronavirus spread. If you are in addiction recovery, the news might bring mixed emotions. Maybe you are looking... read more

This is Why We Work | Februrary 2020

Addiction Recovery Success Story: Surfside Structured Sober Living We hope everyone is having an awesome start to the New Year! We have some exciting new projects in the works at Surfside… be sure to check out this month’s newsletter with all of the... read more

This is Why We Work | January 2020

Addiction Recovery Success Story from NYC A Happy New Year from all of us here at Surfside! We are looking forward to another successful year of helping young men in their journey to recovery from addiction.  Let’s kick off the year with an incredible addiction... read more