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"Rebuild, Rediscover & Recover"

Life at Surfside Structured Sober Living in Ventnor, NJ allows residents to learn the necessary skills to navigate life again as honorable men in society. We strive to mentor these individuals in our small community setting. Recovering from addiction takes time, love and determination and our sober living home provides the safe and structured environment to rebuild.

The Sober Living Admission ProcessSurfside Structured Sober Living blue circle logo

Potential residents will need to complete a thorough phone screening and interview process to determine if they are a good fit for our residence. As a close-knit Sober Living home, we take care to ensure our residents are living in a place that will enhance their recovery while feeling safe and protected. We want our residents to feel at home.

After the phone screening is completed and the resident has been initially approved, the Executive Director of Surfside will contact the family to answer any existing questions and concerns to ensure the resident is a good fit.  If the gentleman is coming directly from an addiction treatment facility, the Surfside staff will also confirm with the provider and help arrange transportation.  We strongly encourage residents to immediately transition from residential treatment to our sober living home and discourage residents from returning home for “just a few days.”  As professionals in the field, we know that this time frame is when the resident is most fragile, so any gap in transition may detrimental to recovery.


Admissions calls will be taken from 7am-9pm EST, seven days a week. If you are unable to reach us, please send an email using the form below or leave us a detailed voicemail.

We understand that this is a time sensitive matter and we will return the email/message promptly. Most messages and emails are returned within the hour. All referrals from families or professionals will be kept completely confidential.


Admission Criteria:

  • Men ages 18-34
  • 7 or more days abstinent from all mind altering substances
  • Need to be willing to participate in our program and the 12-step process
  • Potential residents must be open minded to getting in shape, eating healthy and participating in activities
  • Minimum 90-Day commitment to our recovery house

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to address:

  • Men with severe aggression or violent history
  • Disabling mental or emotional disorders
  • Gentleman showing lack of willingness
  • Men with history of sexual violence
  • Men who are in withdrawal (if this is the case, please call we can help with getting them in detox)
  • Guys who cannot physically participate in our activities
What We Provide

We want your time with us to be as comfortable as possible so you can focus on recovery. We provide each of our residents:

  • New bed linens and blankets
  • 3 meals a day and healthy snacks
  • New personal items like toothpaste, soap, shampoo and laundry detergent
  • Memory foam beds
  • Stand-Up Paddle boards, Surfboards, Camping equipment, longboards, bicycles, beach passes, wifi (high-speed internet), community iMac computers and more
  • Case Management
  • Structure, guidance and advice
What to bring

We provide a ton of resources! But when you move in, we still need you to bring:

  • Clothes for the current weather conditions
  • APPROVED medications (residents must be able to self-administer)
  • A desire to change your life
  • Personal toiletries (nail clipper, toothbrush, comb)
  • Optional: computer, phone, sports equipment

Please make a confidential call to 609.709.4205 or for more information about our Sober Living home.