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Why Sober Living in NJ?

Surfside Structured Sober Living in NJ is the only structured sober home for young men ages 18-30 in New Jersey. We believe that one of the major precursors for relapse is boredom and an overall inability to deal with life’s challenges.

Our program is designed to expose residents to multiple activities that will help them experience the joys of life again. Each day, the house will participate in a predetermined group activity (activities vary based on the weather).

Some of the regular weekly activities include: Biking, longboarding, surfing, SUP, hiking, fishing and going to the gym, movies, bowling. Other activities will occur on a monthly basis, such as camping, paintball, day-long hikes and trips to the mountains.

All residents that graduate our 3-6 month program will work through the 12-steps, learn to budget, grocery shop, cook and leave with a completed resume and job search skills.


Sober Living in NJ gives young men the opportunity to experience the joy of living. All men living in the Surfside Structured Sober Living Residence will have the opportunity to take surf lessons (seasonal), participate in yoga and learn how to cook and budget at no additional cost. During the colder months, our group will continues to participate in multiple activities at our local gym but we also head into the outdoors.

All activities (once or twice a year there could be an exception) are included in the resident’s program fee.  We have no additional hidden fees.  Our home is equipped with state of the art camping equipment, skateboards, surfboards, bikes and other accessories needed.  If a resident owns equipment and would prefer to use his own, we encourage them to bring their gear.

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