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The Surfside Structured Sober Living Life Development Program

Surfside Structured Sober Living utilizes an action driven phase program. This phased program is broken into 3 parts that have measurable goals to be completed by the resident before he can move into the next phase. Our life development program provides structure, accountability and a tangible way for residents and family to monitor the progress being made.


  • Rebuild: Phase 1 – This phase is about becoming a sober man. More is involved than “just not using”. This phase is designed to teach a young man how to build character, seek guidance and ask for help.
    • Residents will gather all previous work history for resume.
    • Collect 3-5 work references for Resume.
    • Residents will assist in grocery shopping and cooking.
    • Resident will create a budget for each month.
    • Resident will get an approved sponsor.
    • Get a home group.
    • Obtain a service commitment at a home group or on a committee.
    • Residents will complete Steps 1 through 5 with Sponsor.
    • Resident will be able to keep personal space clean at all times and clean up after themselves.
    • Resident will participate in all house activities, including trying new activities without complaining.
    • Resident will complete 10 hours of community.
    • Sneaky and manipulative behavior has ended.
    • Resident will work with 1-2 other residents in preparing a two-course meal for the house.
    • Completion of “Family Letters”.


  • Rediscover: Phase 2 – Staying sober requires participation in life and the ability to navigate life’s challenges with honor and respect. This phase teaches young men how to implement what they have learned and try new activities.sober manResidents will complete steps 6-8 through the readings and with Sponsor.
    • Complete personal objective statement for resume.
    • Residents will complete a cover letter and resume and reference list and be able to demonstrate how they will tailor it for different jobs.
    • Resident will continue to follow basic cooking instructions and help in preparing meals.
    • Resident will continue to assist with cooking and shopping.
    • Each Resident will call 3 members in the fellowship daily (not counting current Surfside Residents).
    • Continued action in keeping the house and personal space clean.
    • Resident has developed a desire for hobbies that do not include TV or video games.
    • Resident will abide by budget.
    • Resident will complete another 10 hours of community service.
    • Residents will complete at minimum 10 amends.
    • Resident begins helping new residents and other members in the 12-step community.
    • Resident will pass 3 mock interviews.
    • Resident will prepare one, two course, edible meal for the entire community.


  • Recover: Phase 3 – Recovery is not a sprint, it is a marathon. In this phase we teach residents how to set a strong steady pace that will prevent burnout in the face of challenges that are sure to come.
    • Residents will complete steps 10-12 in the readings and with Sponsor.
    • Continued work through amends process.
    • Resident will take an active role in the house meetings and meetings outside the house including having service commitments at his home group or on a committee.
    • Resident asks for help and allows others to be apart of his life.
    • Demonstration that he can abide by a budget and create a budget for independent living.
    • Resident is transparent with his money and bank accounts.
    • Resident continues to act as a leader in the house and assists with newer residents and 12-step community members.
    • Resident will begin to seek employment.
    • Resident is an active participant in 12-step recovery.
    • Resident takes new Surfside residents to meetings once a week.

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.” – Jim Rowen


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