Admission Line: 609.709.4205


Code of Ethics: Surfside Recovery Services structured sober living home in New Jersey is driven by our code of ethics. This code is our guide as we help re-integrate these young men back into the world. It is our hope they can live productive and successful lives.

  • Our community is an intimate setting based in trust, honesty and action. We live by the principles we teach, therefore we limit the amount of residents to a small number to eliminate the possibility of residents slipping through the cracks.
  • Surfside Structured Sober Living does not participate in insurance-based drug testing scams or other confusing and/or deceptive practices. We do what we say we do.
  • We will not rent to residents who are not physically or mentally appropriate and invested in taking life changing steps.
  • We believe a strong and healthy family relationship can be key to the success of a young man in recovery and will do our utmost to facilitate the healing of these relationships by offering weekly contact and free monthly family workshops and groups.
  • The cost of rent will have no hidden fees. All potential additional costs will be outlined, in writing, prior to admission.
  • If a resident leaves our house early by giving an appropriate 2 week notice, a pro-rated refund will be issued, minus a 14 day administrative fee. If a resident violates the lease and is asked to leave the house, he will forfeit the remaining month’s rent if it is less than 14 days for an administrative fee; if any rent over 14 days has not been used, it will be refunded to the family.
  • If a resident uses any mind-altering substance they will be removed from the house immediately to ensure the safety of the rest of the residents. Surfside Structured Sober Living staff will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the resident being asked to leave, which may include calling the police if they are deemed to be a threat to themselves. We would rather someone go to jail than be left in harm’s way. We will not just toss our residents on the street.
  • Surfside Structured Sober Living is not a long term program. We strive to convey the principles we believe in within 3-6 months. No resident should need to stay longer than 9 months.
  • Our program centered on residents actions; they will move through phases based on measurable goals that will ensure their success. We will not keep residents just to keep our beds full.
  • We believe in living a life of service toward our neighbors. Life is about give and take, compromise and trade-off. Our clients will complete community service activities to increase self-esteem and help build resumes.